Summer Resident Assistant Job Description


The Summer Resident Assistant (SumRA) is a part-time student paraprofessional position within the Office of Residence Life, a unit of Student Affairs. The Coordinator of Residence Education (CRE) supervises the SumRAs. This position will be utilized from May to August.

The SumRA is responsible for office functions, administrating, and participating as a team member within their residence hall.

The SumRA is responsible for performing a variety of front desk, clerical, and customer service functions. The description of duties, which follows, provides a general outline of the responsibilities of SumRA.

The SumRA is assigned to one of the University residence halls.  Specific duties assigned vary depending on the needs of the residence hall and student population.


  • Works anywhere between 16-40 hours a week, depending on program needs
  • The SumRA works in the residence hall office as scheduled by the Summer RA Program Coordinator.
  • The following shifts are available:
    • Team A: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (applies to Saturday and Sunday only)
    • Team B: 4 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. (applies to Monday through Sunday)
    • Team C: 12 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. (applies to Monday through Sunday)
  • Maintains a positive and helpful attitude towards summer residents at all times.
  • Refers summer residents to appropriate campus resources when necessary.
  • Notifies staff and/or the Department of Public Safety (DPS) immediately of any and all emergencies.
  • Responds to medical situations and/or emergencies.
  • Assists in cases of fire alarm to evacuate all residents from the building.
  • Responsible for room inspections and furniture inventories prior to and after each summer program.
  • Refers any and all maintenance requests to the Staff Resident Assistants (SRAs) for action thereupon.
  • Cleans the staff office and maintains a neat appearance in public lounges on a regular basis.
  • Responsible to maintain the security of the key box and control over the master keys as well as reporting lost/non-returned keys to the CRE.
  • Assists the Visitor Housing Assistants when needed in preparing rooms for Summer Programs participants.
  • Maintains and updates bulletin boards for campus and local events as directed by the CRE in their respective residence halls.
  • Maintains office supplies and equipment needed for positive residence hall living or office operations.
  • Assumes overnight (on-call) duty for emergencies on a rotating basis, as needed.
  • Assumes responsibility for other tasks as assigned by the CRE and/or the SumRA Program Coordinator.
  • Maintains and enforces residence hall and university policies on a continuing basis, and prepares necessary reports and records of incidents.
  • Assists in the following procedures: opening and closing of the residence hall; keep up maintenance reports and key inventories; assisting in room inspections; preparing rooms for campus visitors; updating floor plans; and coordinating emergency evacuations.
  • Refers all maintenance requests to Facilities Department and safety-related requests to DPS.
  • Other duties as assigned by the CRE.


  • Participates in SumRA training session after the first dorm closure and before Commencement
    • Training Session in May
    • Training dates will be communicated after hire
    • Work to begin immediately after training ends
  • Communicates on a regular basis with your CRE, other Office of Residence Life and Housing staff, and University officials.
  • Participates in the following:
    • Attends weekly or bi-weekly staff meetings when scheduled
    • Providing regular e-mail updates of work shift in the residence halls using a functional and residence hall-specific e-mail account.
  • Shows knowledge of, personally abides by, and helps enforce the university's policies and procedures.
  • Aligns priorities so that the job responsibilities take precedence over personal commitments.
    • May not have any commitments outside the position (i.e. internship, extra-curricular activities, athletics, and second jobs) without written consent of the Summer RA Program Coordinator.
  • Maintains standards of personal and professional conduct and serves as role model for students and other residence hall staff.


Compensation will be in the form of both hourly pay and a room waiver.

Summer RAs receive kitchen privileges (for a $100 non-refundable fee) for the duration of employment.


  • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student registered full-time and have lived on campus for least a year.
  • Must be term-active student for the following fall semester.
  • Must possess experience in planning, participating as a team member, and have knowledge of campus resources.
  • Must be in good standing with the University.
  • At time of hire and throughout employment, candidate must maintain a Cumulative and Semester Grade Point Averages (GPAs) of at least 2.3 (for undergraduate students) and 3.0 (for graduate students) in the preceding fall semester.
  • Understands and work within the philosophy of student development held by the Office of Student Affairs at Gallaudet University.

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