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Inclement Weather Alert

Due to inclement weather the operating status of Gallaudet University and the Clerc Center has changed:

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gallaudet University: Closed
KDES: Closed
MSSD: Closed

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gallaudet University: Opening at 10 am
All classes beginning at 9:30 am will begin at 10 am.

KDES: Closed
MSSD: Opening at 10 am

Posted 3/21/2018 at 7:29 PM

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Academic Programs and Departments

Communication Studies

The Department of Art, Communication, and Theatre (ACT) provides a quality bilingual, interdisciplinary, liberal arts education with a focus on art, communication studies, and theatre. Major programs prepare students to be creative problem-solvers, dynamic leaders, effective communicators, and innovative artists affecting positive social change.


Dr. Stephen Weiner, Acting Chair

Sorenson Language and Communication Center (SLCC) 1112

Communication Studies and,
Art and Media Design
Ms. Patricia Hill
(202) 651-5420 (voice)

Theatre Arts
Ms. Juanita Cebe
(202) 651-5501 (voice)

Commuter Programs

Commuter Lounge is where the commuter students of Gallaudet University stay, store their things, eat their meals, and complete their school work. The staff in the Commuter Lounge offer programs and workshops to students to become familiar with a variety of topics such as Renter's policy with their Landlords. Also we encourage our commuter students to become good citizens of their communities. In other words, we are the commuter students’ home away from home on Kendall Green.


Mary Keane Ph.D.

Ely Center B-02

(202) 651-5144 (voice)
(202) 651-5600 (fax)

Campus Services

Computer Support

Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS) provides technology support to the entire campus community, including the Clerc Center. This support is comprehensive including but not limited to technology infrastructure, end-user support, classroom and media technology, web support, and other learning and interactive technologies.


Exec Director:
Earl Parks

Bernadine Bertrand

Merrill Learning Center (MLC) 1120

(202) 250-2507 (videophone)
(202) 651-5494 (voice)
(202) 651-5213 (fax)

Contracts and Purchasing

The Contracts and Purchasing Department provides and directs university faculty and staff with the proper resources to use by outside vendors. Contracts and purchasing makes sure that all the services and goods provided by outside vendors are reasonable, fair and produce satisfactory results.