Jordan Student Academic Center 2220

Academic Advising is responsible for meeting with new incoming students to conduct new student interviews, assist students with course selections, meet with students to plan their academic career here at Gallaudet, provide interests and skills testing for students who are unsure of their major, advise students regarding their future careers, assist students in declaring their major, and provide crisis intervention, academic progress reports, and academic contracts for students who need more support to ensure academic success.

Field House 102

The Athletic Department is responsible for overseeing all Gallaudet sports teams and the Intramurals (IM) Program.

Jordan Student Academic Center 1000

Campus Activities is a place where students can go to find information about events taking place on- and off-campus. Campus Activities provides a host of different programs and activities such as movie nights on Fridays and Saturdays and leadership trainings/conferences. Campus Activities is also responsible for overseeing all student organizations and their activities as well as ensuring compliance with the hazing policy. Other services that Campus Activities provides are room reservations (Sprint MPR, Flex A/B, Foster Auditorium, and Ely Patio), poster and banner approvals, and poster/banner supplies (fees based on materials desired).

Jordan Student Academic Center 2221 

The Career Center is a place where students and recent Gallaudet graduates can go for resources on available jobs on- and off-campus. The Career Center maintains an extensive library with excellent references and resources. The Career Center is also where students can go for resume and cover letter review and feedback, work on job interview skills, and sign up for interviews for prospective employers. The Career Center also provides guidance in obtaining internships locally, nationally, and internationally.

Kendall Hall

The Center for Continuing Studies (CSS) provides summer school courses, professional training workshops and institutes, and youth camps. CSS also provides classes throughout the year, which are open to faculty, staff, and students, such as ASL, Computer Applications, and Leadership.

Ely Center B02A

Commuter Programs offers commuter students a place to relax do homework, and to eat meals between classes in the Commuter Lounge, located in the basement of Ely Center. The Lounge has computers, lockers, refrigerator, kitchen area with microwave, and a play room for students who have children. The Commuter Lounge is staffed by commuter students who offer front desk services and serve as a resource for commuters. Such examples of information available to commuter students are: what commuters need to know before signing a lease, rentals, insurance, storage, and more. Information about events in DC such as movies, festivals, and special events are also shared.

Registrar's Office, Chapel Hall 101

The Consortium Program located in the Registrar's Office is where students go to register for courses provided at area universities who are members of the Consortium of Universities in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Participation in the Consortium Program provides students opportunities to take advantage of diverse academic offerings, enhance their major curriculum, and/or to explore new interests.

Kellogg Conference Hotel 3202 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides confidential one-on-one counseling and therapy, group counseling sessions, anger management counseling, couples therapy, and assessment services for students. Consultation, specialty evaluations, and referrals for private therapy are also provided by CAPS.

Carlin Hall Ground Floor

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for providing safety and security on campus and many services. DPS is a place where students can get general information or obtain their ID card if they need a new one or to replace a lost card. DPS also provides a central lost and found service, can take passport photos, register bicycles with the Metropolitan Police Department, engrave personal belongings with identifying information (Operation ID) to assist DPS and MPD in verifying ownership if the property is stolen, and on campus escort services. DPS is also the main contact for any emergencies that occur on campus.

Merrill Learning Center B220

eLearning provides training and support to faculty, staff, and students in integration and use of learning technologies to enhance teaching and learning with Blackboard learning systems. Blackboard is used both as a supplement for face-to-face (web-enhanced) courses and for web-based courses offered completely on-line. The online learning portal will connect you to your courses, organizations, other academic and administrative websites, and other resources, which is powered by the tools in the Blackboard Academic Suite, which includes a learning community and content systems.

Hall Memorial Building E253

The English Language Institute provides comprehensive immersion programs in English as a Second Language to international as well as American students. American Sign Language (ASL) and cultural studies courses are also offered, enabling students to gain proficiency in English and ASL in order to qualify for, and thrive after, admission to Gallaudet or other U.S. colleges and universities.

Central Utilities Building

The Facilities Department is responsible for ensuring the cleanliness, good operation, and preservation of the buildings, grounds, and other facilities that comprise the University. The Facilities Department does so by operating, maintaining, and repairing the buildings, building systems, and grounds at Gallaudet University. If you have any maintenance issues or concerns, you can contact the Facilities Department.

Chapel Hall G-02

Financial Aid is a place where students can go to apply for the various scholarships, financial assistance, grants, grants-in-aid, and student loans that are available. Financial Aid is also a place where students can go to discuss different ways to finance their education here at Gallaudet.

Peet Hall 575

Established in 1990, Gallaudet Interpreting Services (GIS) provides professional interpreting services to the Gallaudet community, including students, faculty, and staff, in classrooms on- and off-campus, meetings, campus presentations and events, conferences, and many other settings. Specialty areas of interpreting include Deaf-Blind interpreting, international interpreting, legal interpreting settings, VRS, and high profile event interpreting. 

In addition to providing interpreting services, GIS is committed to actively engage the Gallaudet community and to the ongoing enhancement of the interpreting profession locally and nationally.

Merrill Learning Center 1120

Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS) provides technology support for the University and Clerc Center communities. The primary enterprise systems used by students include the Blackboard learning system, BISON Student System, Google Apps, and Echo360 and myThreads for video production. Free and licensed software for students is available here. More than 100 computers are available in two central student labs (JSAC 1100 and HMB W121), plus the eLearning Lab (MLC B220) is available for walk-in technology support for academic projects. Various academic departments also have additional computer labs. Students are encouraged to bring their own computers to the campus. The channel lineup for television services provided in the residence halls can be found here. Students must provide their own TVs and a coaxial cable for connection for their rooms.

Students may receive technology support for their personal computers via the Technology HelpDesk in HMB W121. Students are expected to read and follow the University Technology Policy. Students are issued a Gallaudet username and password. Passwords can be reset or changed here. Passwords must be changed at least once every six months. Connections to the campus network require that students keep their computers patched and updated with current anti-virus software.

Merrill Learning Center

The Gallaudet University Library serves students, faculty, staff, and other researchers from around the world. The Library provides instructional, reference, and library collection services for the Gallaudet community, supporting uses of information resources and the development and enhancement of information literacy. The Library builds, maintains, and organizes the world's largest collection of deaf materials, as well as a collection of general materials, to support academic programs. Library services are free, but overdue fines are charged for materials returned late. Library hours are posted on the Library's website.

Fowler Hall 210

The Graduate School and Professional Programs (GSPP) is responsible for graduate school admissions. GSPP is also a source of information for prospective students, current students, and faculty regarding the graduate offerings and research at Gallaudet.

Ely Center 216

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the governing body for graduate students. GSA also provides resources, support, and social events for graduate students.

Ely Center 103

The Health and Wellness Programs (HWP) provides programming and information for students on how to make informed health and lifestyle choices in accordance with their own values and belief systems. Peer Health Advocates are available to talk with students on a wide range of topics through one-on-one appointments, workshops, health booths, dramatic performances, and role-plays.

Jordan Student Academic Center 1226

The Honors Program provides students with challenging learning experiences with the goal of fostering personal, academic, and professional growth. It encourages critical thinking, ethical responsibility, emotional intelligence, and Capstone projects leading to graduation with University Honors. Through continual innovation, Honors Program faculty and staff work with individual students towards a premier academic experience and the strongest preparation for graduate studies or professional success.

Dawes House

International Affairs, an unit under the Office of Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA), is Gallaudet University's one-stop office for all things international. International Affairs provides international students assistance with immigration issues and law updates, social and cultural adjustment issues, conflict resolution, cultural events planning, academic advising, referrals to other units on campus, and addressing financial concerns.

International Affairs is also responsible for coordinating global outreach programs (international internship program and foreign studies). Students who are interested in participating in study abroad or doing an internship in another country should get in touch with International Affairs.

Field House 105

Gallaudet University Intramurals would like to welcome the University community to the recreation and leisure experience. The goals of Gallaudet's Intramurals Program are to: 1. provide participants with an opportunity to have fun and partake in healthful exercise; 2. develop recreational skills; 3. help participants learn to compete within a system of rules; 4. establish a long-term interest in sports and physical activities that will carry over into later life; 5. channel participants' energies and enthusiasm into a positive outlet that promotes and develops good sportsmanship, fair play, social poise, team loyalty, and spirit.

Hall Memorial Building E150

Keeping the Promise promotes the intellectual advancement of Black and Latino Deaf students by demonstrating and reinforcing the essential values of scholarship and perseverance through intentionally-designed activities that foster motivation, empowerment, academic excellence, understanding of historical and cultural heritage, and model citizenship.

Hall Memorial Building 113N

The LGBTQA Resource Center includes a resource library and free information and giveaways, all in a space that also serves as a study lounge or just a place to relax and unwind. It provides a constant presence, regardless of leadership changes in volunteer-led entities like the Rainbow Society and the Parents, Friends, and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) organization. The LGBTQA Resource Center is also responsible for the Gallaudet University Allies Network.

Hall Memorial Building E150

Multicultural Student Programs (MSP) provides support and services primarily to racial and ethnic minority students and organizations on campus. MSP strives to promote an understanding of the importance of diversity and a climate of acceptance on campus. MSP provides a large range of programming which includes cultural/social events, workshops, conferences, discussion panels, rap sessions and student leadership development.

Ely Center 114-118 (with events and services also occurring in Jordan Student Academic Center Chapel)

The Office of Campus Ministries (OCM) provides religious services, counseling on religious matters, special discussion groups, internships, community service projects, vocational counseling, and religious fellowship groups.  There is staff from these following traditions: Baptist, Catholic, Chi Alpha/Assemblies of God, Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Mormon/Latter Day Saints, Seventh Day Adventist, and United Methodist.

Hall Memorial Building E150

The Office of Diversity and Equity for Students (ODES) is responsible for overseeing the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, the Multicultural Student Programs, Keeping the Promise: Educating Black Deaf Students, Keeping the Promise: Latino Students, and the GLBTQA Resource Center.

Ely Center 103 

The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) assists in promoting a safe, orderly, and positive climate for learning through behavioral standards, disciplinary processes, and intervention efforts. OSC, through the use of disciplinary conferences and disciplinary hearings, strives to educate students to be responsible and civil members of the campus community and society in general.

Ely Center 113

Do you have a concern, issue, problem, complaint, inquiry, or question which may interfere with your ability to study?  The Office of the Ombuds is the place to go to obtain assistance by an impartial, independent, informal, and confidential conflict management resource available for the entire campus community.  The Office of the Ombuds can help you with alleged academic concerns, non-academic concerns, harassment, discrimination, or anything else that may be of concern to you.   The ombuds is available to assist in the following ways:  listen to your concerns, analyze your issues, generate options, assist with your action plan, provide information and clarification about resources and referrals, advocate for fairness, serve as an effective and positive change agent, recommend changes in policies and procedures when appropriate, apprise administration of identified patterns and trends, and assist with communications and mediation.  There is no such thing as a wrong reason to visit the campus ombuds.  For more information please stop by or visit the office's website.

Jordan Student Academic Center 1220 

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) provides support services, counseling, advising, advocacy, specialized testing, referral services, reader/scribe services, textbook conversion to large print and Braille, and accessibility consultation for students with disabilities to support the students and encourage students to develop a sense of confidence and autonomy.

Jordan Student Academic Center L030

The Post Office is responsible for all incoming and outgoing U.S. mail. Services include certified or registered mail, meter mail, bulk mail, stamps, airmail, aerogramme, parcels, money orders, express mail, and UPS service.

Chapel Hall 101

The Registrar's Office is responsible for class registration, scheduling of classes and final exams, ensuring that faculty submit grades, and the printing of unofficial and official transcripts. For transfer students, the Registrar's Office is responsible for the transferring of credits from another college/university to Gallaudet. The Registrar's Office is the center point for most room reservations on campus for academic space such as classrooms.

Dawes House

Research Support, an unit under the Office of Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA), aspires to stimulate students in pursuit of new knowledge, by supporting on-campus research and lectures. On their site, you will find applications for small grants to support your research and practical "how to" tips on designing a research study. Also, Research Support conducts studies of language and learning processes in American Sign Language and English among deaf people from diverse backgrounds. Many undergraduate and graduate students have gotten "hands-on" experience with research by working there. Finally Research Support is the place to find data about the characteristics and education of deaf youth in the United States.

Ely Center 132

The Office of Residence Life and Housing is responsible for overseeing the six University residence halls, Kendall Apartments, and the Faculty Row Houses. Residence Life and Housing provides quality programming, ensures the safety and security of the residents, proper referrals to available services on campus, maintains discipline in the residence halls, and runs several paraprofessional programs in and out of the residence halls. Residence Life and Housing also provides incoming and outgoing fax service in the main office for students.

College Hall 310

Risk Management assists and advises the University community in its risk management responsibilities by identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and controlling risk to minimize or eliminate threat of damage, accident, or injury to individuals and property. Risk Management is also responsible for developing and maintaining a program for effective protection of the University's staff, faculty, teachers and students, property, and income.

Ely Center 222

The Student Body Government (SBG) is the governing body for undergraduate students. SBG also provides resources, support, and social events for undergraduate students.

Ely Center 103

The Student Center Programs and Services Office oversees Campus Activities, Commuter Programs, Community Service Programs, Health and Wellness Programs, Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs Services, Office of Campus Ministries, and the Office of Student Conduct. These programs offer a wide variety of student-centered service-oriented co-curricular programs and activities designed to foster experiential learning to augment the academic experience.

College Hall B-04

Student Financial Services (SFS) is responsible for business registration, promissory notes, and all matters related to student accounts. SFS manages student bills and inquiries in reference to student refund checks, employee tuition waivers, and Vocational Rehabilitation bills. All payments related to students' accounts are also processed in this office.

Peter J. Fine Student Health Center

Student Health Services (SHS) provides general health services, medications, women and men's health care, referrals, sports physicals, and health insurance for students.

Hall Memorial Building W121

The Technology HelpDesk provides levels one and two technical and computer support to the entire University community including media equipment requests for class or meeting set-up or pick-up.  Priority is given to providing equipment for undergraduate and graduate courses.  Examples of issues that the HelpDesk can assist with include laptop and personal computer issues, Bison, PeopleSoft, passwords, technology training and security, web support, and cable TV.

Jordan Student Academic Center 1221

Tutoring & Instructional Programs (TIP) provides free tutoring, writing advice, and academic support service for undergraduate and graduate students in all courses. TIP provides one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring for students on many different subjects and tutors are trained students or staff members. TIP also provides paper feedback services and Supplemental Instruction (SI) for historically difficult courses.