General Education Redesign

Welcome to the website for Gallaudet's undergraduate General Education redesign. 

This site will contain documents, videos, and other resources to communicate the redesign of our general education curriculum. It is a work in progress with much more to come!

Join us on Fridays in LLRH6 Co-Lab from 11-2! 

Freaky Fun Friday General Education Redesign workshops!

Schedule of Topics: 
What exactly happens at each workshop is shaped by who comes and what pressing needs arise as we move forward.  But we are trying to announce a general idea of what sort of topics are being addressed on which days to help people prioritze whether they can come or not and for how long.  All sessiosn remaion open to EVEYRONE in our community.  As the new ad hoc Council on General Education is formed, we may have some decision actions that repreentative members vote on, but the conversations and input are open.

Nov. 1:  Student Learing Outcomes refinement - Naming, Branding, and Mission statement - First Year Seminar/Experience structure (including Student Success/AA)
Nov. 8: Naming, Branding and mission statement - First year Seminar/Experience Structure (including Student Success AA) - Discussions on ASL, English, Math foundations (i.e. how many semesters and spread through what years?
Nov. 15: First year Seminar/Experience Structure (including Student Success AA) - Discussions on ASL, English, Math foundations (i.e. how many semesters and spread through what years?
Nov. 22: A meeting of the ad hoc council on General Education comprised of faculty members from many departments.
Nov. 29: Fall Break (no gathering)
Dec. 6: Ad hoc council meets - review of SLOs and mission statement for approval - Goal setting and timeline creation for the Spring 2020 term - determining meeting/community sessions structure and schedule for Spring 2020.  

Who should come?  Students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni.  Particularly recent alumni!  Let us know what you've found helpful and wish you had more of since graduating and entering the job market and/or graduate school.

What to bring?  Yourself, your ideas, and your experience!

What will happen?  An open concept collaborative experience with stations to engage in feedback, ideas, and problem solving of specific elements of our General Education Redesign.  Also an open conversation  corner for ongoing feedback, ideas, and problem solving.

When to come?  Anytime between 11 AM and 2 PM.  Come for as long as you want or as little as you can, but get involved!  A successful new curriculum won't happen without YOU!

Questions?  email 

November 8 Update (English) (ASL)

October 18 Update (English) (ASL)

October 11 Update (English) (ASL)

October 4 Update (English) (ASL)

September 20 Update (English) (ASL)

Report of the Summer 2019 Workgroup on General Education (link)

Submit your Feeback on the Summer 2019 Workgroup on General Education Report and other ideas about redesigning General Education here --> (link)

Slides used with the Board of Trustees October 2019 meeting --> (link)

September 9 Town Hall Slides --> (link)

Links on Academic Advising and General Education Used in the Oct 18 workshop:

Engaging Students in Advising and General Education Requirements
General Education, Advising, and Integrative Learning
Helping Students Design an Education

Links to Resources mentioned in the Summer 2019 Workgroup on General Education Report:

Other Reports:

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