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A New Semester Brings a New Format for the Redesign Process

  As we seek to engage our entire community in the redesign of General Education at Gallaudet, we've also set up a working committee to accelerate our development and implementation. The General Education Council is an ad hoc (or temporary) committee of undergraduate faculty and staff people from key units working to move us forward.  We're working to incorporate student input and representation as well. Meetings of this Council are open to the entire community though! If you're curious about what's being done, join us!      We'll be meeting on the following Wednesdays from 12-1:50: Feb. 19 - in the Library B111 - understanding the importance of First Year Experiences and Seminars and generating ideas for a new course. Feb. 26 in JSAC 1010 - Looking at the "big picture" of general education pathways, the first year and beyond Mar 11 in JSAC 1010 - What institutional structures, supports, and resources are needed to make General Education successful and strong? Mar. 25  in JSAC 1010 -Building out First Year Experience class plans and identifying teachers and mechanisms for equipping them. April 15 in JSAC 1010 - First Year Experience curriculum and resources for teaching.  Do we want to develop common readings? How to develop bilingual resources for teaching this course. April 22 in JSAC 1010 - Placeholder for unfinished work and other work identified in the process May 13 in JSAC 1010 - Wrapping up our semester and identifying work for a Summer Work Group Who is the General Education Council? Undergraduate Departments were asked to identify someone from their department to serve on this council and the following people were identified:   Art, Communication, Theater -  Johnston Grindstaff ASL/Deaf Studies - Ricky Cornish Business - Yauhani Koraneu Education - Roberta Daniels English - Jill Bradbury History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology - Barbara Stock Interpretation and Translation - Anita Harding Linguistics - Miako Villanueva Physical Education and Recreation - Sarah Burton-Doleac / Carol Riddick Psychology - Deborah McCaw Science, Technology, Math - Emily Meehan Social Work - Audrey Frank World Language and Cultures - Amanda Holzrichter (and rotating among their faculty) Honors Program - Shirley Schultz-Myers Admissions and Recruitment - Tami Santimyer Director of Student Success (includes Academic Advising, Career Center & Student Success) - Jerri Lyn Dorminy       Questions?  email ug.cc@gallaudet.edu   

November 8 Update (English) (ASL)

October 18 Update (English) (ASL) October 11 Update (English) (ASL) October 4 Update (English) (ASL)  

September 20 Update (English) (ASL)


Report of the Summer 2019 Workgroup on General Education (link)


Submit your Feeback on the Summer 2019 Workgroup on General Education Report and other ideas about redesigning General Education here --> (link)


Slides used with the Board of Trustees October 2019 meeting --> (link)

September 9 Town Hall Slides --> (link)     Links on Academic Advising and General Education Used in the Oct 18 workshop:   Engaging Students in Advising and General Education Requirements General Education, Advising, and Integrative Learning Helping Students Design an Education   Links to Resources mentioned in the Summer 2019 Workgroup on General Education Report:   Other Reports:   2018 GSR Self Study Miller GSR External Review Proctor-Walden GSR External Review Rein GSR External Review Gallaudet IZN Lab Final Report 2018 SSAQ Student Profile Report   Links to General Education programs at other institutions   Articles and infographics:   Maryland’s Small Colleges Saw the Future Business and Universities Team up on a new Digital Technology Credential 21st Century Careers Roundtable report 21st Century Skills infographic Career Ready Poster Foundational Skills Collaborative IDEALS Study Best First Year Practices NACE Career Readiness Competencies Power Hour Workshops Promise of Adolescence Student Workforce infographic More links to online articles on General Education  
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