• How can I pay my child's tuition bill? You can pay online via your child's Bison Account, or in person at the Cashiers Office located in College Hall B04.
  • How can I reach my child in case of emergency? You should contact the Department of Public Safety, please follow this link.
  • I would like to reserve a hotel near Gallaudet. Where can I find the information? Please register for Family Orientation (August Only) to receive discount codes for the Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Center Hotel. For hotel information outside of Gallaudet, visit this page, Where to Stay and Eat for a full listing of hotels and restaurants available in the area.
  • What will the Family Orientation Program cover? Is there a cost? There is no charge, the program is FREE. The Family Orientation Program will provide information for parents on various academic programs and other services.
  • What is FERPA? Please check the FERPA page for more information


  • What should I bring to Gallaudet? Please refer to the Residence Life page to ensure you bring the things you need for residential living. We strongly encourage you to bring a laptop for academic work. If you have Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), talk with your VR counselor about covering the cost for your laptop as a necessary educational expense.
  • Where do I go when I arrive for JumpStart or New Student Orientation? Please see the Department of Public Safety to obtain a student ID. Refer to the New Student Orientation or JumpStartpages for more information.
  • I am new to the university, how do I find my way around campus? You will have peer mentors who will help you during your first week of the New Student Orientation Program. Peer mentors will make sure that Gallaudet becomes your home away from home and are available for you throughout the academic year at the Office of Student Success.
  • Do I need placement testing? You will receive information about placement testing when you are admitted. Please make sure you complete these tests as soon as you can. The sooner you complete the tests, the sooner you will receive your class schedule. Your advisor will have the information to see if you have completed all your placement tests.
  • How do I find out who is my roommate/dorm name? To find out who your roommate is and which residence hall you are assigned to, please contact


  • Does my son/daughter need a meningitis vaccination? Yes, please make sure have been vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination before coming to Gallaudet.
  • What kind of services are provided at the Student Health Services (SHS)? We provide basic internal medicinal, and referral service. SHS is not the primary health provider for students.
  • What are the fees for SHS services? A semester charge will be $50.00. There is also a small fee for vaccinations and other services.
  • Does the SHS accept my family's insurance plan? Depends on the scope of coverage, Student Financial Services now oversees the insurance waiver/coverages.
  • Does the university require that students carry health insurance? Yes, students are required to have a health insurance plan, please see Student Financial Services for more information.
  • What happens to the students in case of an emergency? In case of an emergency, the student should contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS will evaluate the situation and determine the appropriate response.
  • Will you notify me if my son/daughter is ill? No, we will not.

Safety and Transportation

  • Theft situations happen everywhere, how do I ensure my belongings are safe on campus or off campus? Lock the doors before you leave, refrain from sharing information about what you have at home, take advantage of the on-campus escort service provided by the Department of Public Safety, engrave your valuables with operation ID, a service provided by the Department of Public Safety, never prop your doors open, never allow strangers to come in your home, and lock all valuables in your desk or closet before you go out.
  • Is there a safe alternative to walking alone on campus during late nights or early mornings? The Department of Public Safety has an escort service, and will send an officer to escort you to where you need to go on campus. The officers do not step off campus.
  • I don't have a car, how do I get around? There are many different ways of getting around the Washington D.C. area. Gallaudet University provides shuttle bus services to Union Station and there is a public bus stop at front of Gallaudet University. Cabs are plentiful, as well as Uber and Lyft services. There are also Bike Share systems set up at the entrances to Gallaudet.


  • What should we do if our son/daughter's exams conflict with the holidays/family events? Students should check their final examination schedule online before they purchase flight tickets. We encourage students to schedule their flights around their exams.
  • How can I get information on my child’s academics/grades? FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) does not allow us to share academic related issues with parents without the child's consent. Grade reports are available to the student only. If you wish to review the grade report, ask the student to share the grade report with you. You may also ask your child to sign a consent form giving the University official permission to share information about their academic records with you. The signed form will be kept in the student's files.


  • I have some questions about on-campus and off-campus housing? Please refer to the Housing FAQ page.