Jumpstart: American Sign Language

What is JumpStart: American Sign Language (ASL) Track?

The JumpStart: ASL track is a a sign language immersion program for first year and transfer Deaf/Hard of hearing students. Students learn enough basic sign skills before fall semester so that they can communicate with other Gallaudet students, faculty and staff and make the best use of campus services. In addition, students will learn more about Deaf Culture, make new friends, and explore the campus and Washington D.C. before their busy first semester at Gallaudet University. The overall message is that communication can happen in many ways at Gallaudet University. Students can take ownership of their communication needs. In time, it is expected that the JumpStart: ASL students will be able to integrate into the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of the university. For further inquires, please do contact us at jumpstart@gallaudet.edu.Please do check out the video below on what our previous students have to say about their JumpStart experience:

More experiences from our previous JumpStart: ASL students:

"I thought it was such an awesome idea to get students together at JumpStart who know little or no sign at all. I knew from the start that I would participate in this amazing opportunity to help me get the best experience at Gallaudet." -- Stephanie Weiss

"JumpStart was like a family... I wish it could continue forever. Joining JumpStart helped me a lot especially in the improvement of ASL, settling down at Gallaudet and be prepared in the fall." -- Santina Mwarania

"As eager as I was to have a fresh start in a brand new city, I was nervous at the possibility of culture shock and becoming overwhelmed by such drastic lifestyle changes. In JumpStart, I was offered the ease of a subtle transition into a new culture. Also, we were able to make lasting friendships before the hectic fall semester starts. I could not have been more satisfied! " -- Kallissa Bailey

"I feel like I died and went to heaven! I arrived for the JumpStart highly motivated. I was not disappointed. I felt that the program was a very positive experience for me and I am absolutely exhilarated by how much my signing knowledge has grown in this short time." -- Jean Jims