Jumpstart: Family Orientation Program

Gallaudet University and the Student Success Programs, a unit of Academic and Career Success is thrilled to provide an orientation program to the parents and families of our incoming JumpStart students.

Gallaudet University recognizes the importance of a family's role in their student's success as a future leader. We value providing support for our students in a multitude of ways, and encourage our student's families to attend our JumpStart Family Orientation Program (FOP). We understand that sending your student off to college is a significant milestone, and the transition requires adjustment. JumpStart's FOP is here to make that transition as smooth as possible.

Family Orientation Program will take place on the first day of the JumpStart Program, July 24, 2017. Please register by using this link to participate in our program. For further inquires please contact us at jumpstart@gallaudet.edu or call us at (202) 250-2494 (videophone) or (202) 651-5802 (voice).  For information about places to stay while you're in town, please visit the Hotels page.

FOP is designed to introduce our student's parents and families to Gallaudet University and campus resources. The program agenda is a one-day event that takes place during your student's first day at JumpStart. Upon your arrival, students and their families will attend our business and registration booths in the morning and then separate in the afternoon, following different schedules. Students and their families will be able to meet once again before departure in the evening.

During FOP, families will receive an overview of the campus resources that will aid in your student's overall success here at Gallaudet and the DC metro area. Families will be able to meet our University's faculty and staff from various departments to answer questions about campus/student safety, residence life, student services, and more. Most importantly, parents and families will have the opportunity to meet one another and connect through a shared experience.

Although FOP is optional, we strongly encourage your participation. You will acquire a depth of knowledge and perspective on how to support your student's transition here at Gallaudet.