Mock ASLPI Scheduling

The ASLPI is currently seeking volunteers to take mock ASLPIs during the ASLPI Interviewer Training which will take place September through November 2019. If you are interested in volunteering, please review the Mock ASLPI scheduling calendar below for September 2019 (October and November time slots will be posted at a later date), jot down a couple time slots, and email us the following information at 
Location:   (in person at Gallaudet) or (from a distance via video technology)
Available Dates / Time Period: 
Purpose of Mock Interviews: Mock interviews are part of a larger training and maintenance program. One section of the training is focused on interviewing skills, strategies and techniques, and maintaining those skills. Conducting "live" practice interviews is extremely beneficial to the interviewer-in-training. The mock interview will be video recorded, but solely for the purpose of providing feedback to the interviewer-in-training. No result will be generated or provided to the volunteer from the mock interview.