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Welcome to the proctor site!!

Thank you so much for your willingness to assist The ASLPI in making the ASLPI accessible to examinees nationwide. Given that we cannot be there to provide the direct oversight for the language proficiency testing, we rely on Proctors from around the country to work with our office to ensure the evaluations take place in accordance with system protocol, processes and procedures.

Site requirements for a distance/remote ASLPI

For a distance/remote ASLPI, the examinee has identified your place of business as a site that meets the requirements listed below. The examinee will be located at your place of business and the ASLPI evaluator will conduct the evaluation via video technology from another location. Please ensure that the space at your place of business that will be utilized for the distance/remote evaluation complies with the following requirements:

    • Private, undisturbed area;
    • Videophone or ability to utilize videoconferencing software (APPEAR IN is preferred);
    • No recording of the evaluation at the proctored site;
    • No interruptions for the duration of the evaluation (20-25 minutes);
    • No one observing the evaluation as it is taking place;
    • Chair (no arms, no wheels, no swivel mechanism);
    • "Clutter-free" area behind examinee; and
    • Limited direct and excessive sunlight.

--- Do not use wireless or wifi connection. Use ethernet cable or DSL connection ---

Proctor requirements for a distance/remote ASLPI

A proctor is required for all distance/remote ASLPIs. The proctor must be an employee of the place of business, institution or agency. Students at educational institutions may not serve as ASLPI proctors, nor can the proctor be personally affiliated (i.e. friend or relative) with the examinee. A proctor with some signing skills is preferred. The proctor is not involved with the evaluation. The proctor assures The ASLPI that the evaluation will take place in accordance with the system processes and protocol. The proctor also ensures the evaluation is not recorded in any fashion.

Set-up check

The set-up check must take place at least one week prior to the evaluation date. The set-up check provides us with an opportunity to meet the proctor and check the video technology, clarity, connection, lighting, background and surrounding environment to ensure they are suitable for the evaluation. This should only take a few minutes if the proctor prepares the area in advance in accordance with the site requirements.

Proctor compensation

For the proctor's time and assistance with the oversight of this formal language testing, the examinee will compensate the proctor in the amount of $20.00. We leave it to the discretion of the proctor to collect or waive this compensation. If your office charge more for proctoring services, please communicate that to the examinee directly.

If you are collecting the proctor compensation, please do not be shy about asking the examinee to provide the compensation on the day of the evaluation, and before the evaluation begins. The examinee is aware that proctor compensation is required for a distance/remote evaluation. If you would like to receive the proctor compensation in advance of the evaluation date, please make that known in email when the scheduling process is taking place. We will ensure the examinee is aware of that.

Required form

Please download and complete the Proctor Agreement for Distance/Remote ASLPI form and submit the completed form to

Mac users: After you have downloaded the forms, please open the form using Adobe Reader. Avoid using 'preview' to complete the form.


If you have any questions or concerns during this process (before, during or after the evaluation has concluded), please send email to:

You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.