Set-Up Check

The set-up check must take place at least one week in advance of the evaluation date. The set-up check provides us with an opportunity to meet the proctor and check the video technology, clarity, connection, lighting, background and surrounding environment to ensure they are suitable for the evaluation. This should only take a few minutes if the proctor prepares the area in advance in accordance with the site requirements.

Site Requirements for a Distance/Remote ASLPI

For a distance/remote ASLPI, the examinee has identified your place of business as a site that meets the requirements listed below. The examinee will be located at your place of business and the ASLPI Evaluator will conduct the evaluation via video technology from another location. Please ensure that the space at your place of business that will be utilized for the distance/remote evaluation complies with the following requirements:

  • Private, undisturbed areaVP 200, N-VP, Z, P3, Fuzebox (or other video conferencing that is tested for compatibility)
    • No recording of the evaluation at the proctored site
    • No interruptions for the duration (20-25 minutes)
    • No one observing the evaluation as it is taking place
  • Chair (no arms, no wheels, no swivel mechanism)
  • "Clutter-free" area behind examinee
  • Limited direct and excessive sunlight

***Do not use wireless or wifi connection. Use ethernet cable or DSL connection***