The ASLPI calendar below is "read only" and displays all of the open time slots available for ASLPI testing. All of the slots posted are Eastern Time zone (EST / EDT). Please note the format descriptors below: 

I live in the vicinity of Gallaudet and plan to take the ASLPI at Gallaudet. Available formats include:

  • OPEN ASLPI -- face-to-face evaluation in The ASLPI office
  • OPEN VP only ASLPI -- videophone/videoconferencing evaluation in The ASLPI office (Monday thru Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST / EDT)

I do not live near Gallaudet and will need to take the ASLPI from my area via video technology. Available formats include:

  • OPEN ASLPI -- videophone/videoconferencing evaluation
  • OPEN VP only ASLPI -- videophone/videoconferencing evaluation

If you are ready to schedule your ASLPI evaluation, please click on the link below to proceed to the scheduling process which includes the ASLPI calendar availability.

Click here if you are unable to view the calendar