Department Of Transportation - FAQ's

Q:  Where can I board the shuttle to come to the campus?  

A:  You can board the bus at Union Station or at the intersection of 2nd St. NE and M St. NE.   

Q:  Where can I obtain shuttle information, times etc.?

A:  Shuttle information is posted on the Transportation website and schedules are posted at each shuttle stop.

Q:  What are the contact numbers for the Transportation Department?

A:  Voice- 202-651-5151, VP-202-250-2610

Q:  What are the Business hours for the Transportation Department?

A:  Monday through Friday 6:00am- 6:00pm. Closed on weekends, however you may send an email to

Q:  Are dogs permitted on the shuttle buses?

A:  Yes, if they are service dogs with ID. No other animals are permitted on the buses.

Q:  Is eating and drinking permitted on the shuttle bus?

A:  No, food and drinks are not permitted on the shuttle bus.

Q:  Are alcoholic beverages permitted on the bus?

A:  No drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on the buses, nor any open containers of alcohol are permitted. You are permitted to bring alcohol onto to bus as long as seals have not been broken and it is secure.

Q:  What Metrorail line connects me to the Union Station and the NoMa/Gally Station?

A:  The Red line.

Q:  What does Modified Schedule mean?

A:   Modified Schedule is mainly connected with holidays and the weekend schedule. The bus service is every 2 hours beginning at 10:00am- 6:15pm.

Q:  Is luggage permitted on the bus?

A:  Luggage must not block aisles or emergency exits and cannot occupy a seat otherwise available to a passenger