Developed by Terry Coye
for the Gallaudet University English Department

In = Large Areas: Continents, Countries, Cities, Towns, etc.
I live in South America.
I live in Germany.
I live in New York.
I live in South Dakota.
I live in Plains, Georgia.

On = Street Names, Island Names, Floors

I live on Fifth Avenue.
I live on South Capital Street.
I live on Long Island.
I live on Samson Boulevard.
I live on Park Road.
I live on the fourth floor.
I live on the floor above you.

At = Numbered Addresses, Institutions

I live at 241 Fifth Avenue.
I live at 9 Suiter Place.
I live at 9234 South Capital Street.
I live at Gallaudet University.
I live at this hospital.
I live at home.
I study at school.
I work at the capital.
the animated image to identify expressions of place
Animation by Koon Wei Ho