The English Center is available to assist all Gallaudet students and students from other programs with its Writing Resources. These resources are meant to assist students in all stages of the writing process. Guidance on many different stages/types of writing, including editing and the development of research papers, is provided here. Our goal is to help make this process as painless as possible.

Essay and Writing Sequence

Introduction and Conclusion: This guide will help you build effective methods for writing introductions and conclusions.

Developing a Thesis Statement: This guide will help you identify the main idea of an essay, summary, or research paper.

Quoting and Paraphrasing: This guide discusses three key verbs that help introduce quotes or paraphrased material.

Paraphrasing: This guide provides you with assistance in changing an author's words into your own words.

Transition Words: Transition words connect two sentences or two sections of paraphrased material.

How to avoid Plagiarism: This guide educates students on how to avoid plagiarism in their papers.

Pre-writing, Writing and Revising: Preparation steps that you can before you actually write your paper, essay or summary.

Essay Check List: To ensure your essay is complete, follow the checklist to help make it perfect and solid.

Types of Writing

Listed below you will find information on resources that will help you with writing-related issues that you may encounter while in college as well as in your professional career. There are different strategies and tools available for assisting you with your assignment as well as crafting different forms of writing.

Citations and References: This guide discusses several different formats for citing sources in a research paper.

Guide to Abstracts: Ten simple steps to help you write an effective abstract.

Different Kinds of Essays: They gives examples on how to write in specific essay format includes Definition, Process, etc...

Sample Biology Lab Report (Gallaudet University): This guideline provides resources to help you write lab reports.

Letters: Several sample letters and letter formats are included here that will help you learn how to structure your letters.

Research Papers - The Process: Three key stages for writing a research paper discussed, including pre-writing, writing, and revising.

Business Writing: This sample memo gives you an idea of how to write a proper business-related paper.

Literature-Related Papers (Purdue University): Four key areas of literature are discussed. They are general fiction, poetry, drama and xxx.