To: U. Know Who
From: Mem O. Writer
Date: August 7, 2007
Subject: Memo writing

I'd like for you to learn how to write memos correctly. You should get right to the point in any memo. Be personal by using "I," "you," and "we." Write as if you were having a real conversation. If you speak in contractions, write in contractions. You'll notice a difference in tone.

Don't use really spiffy technical lingo that will convolute the reader's mind. Don't tack on fancy endings to simple words that will cause a delay in the conveyance of your message.

Keep paragraphs short and to the point, but never make errors.

Close with a "call to action" requiring the reader to do something. I ask that you write professional and courteous memos.



Developed by Dawn Taylor
for English Center formally English Works! 1997