Developed by Derek Braun and Raymond Merritt, Gallaudet University Department of Biology

Title and Abstract
 Does your title appropriately summarize your conclusion, in one sentence?
 Does your abstract summarize the paper in one paragraph, beginning with a brief introduction to the paper and ending with a summary of your conclusions?
Background or Introduction
 Do you provide sufficient background information so that the reader can completely understand the experiment?
 Do you present a hypothesis?
Materials and Methods or Methodology
 Is the methodology clearly presented, and described in detail?
Results and Discussion
 Is there an appropriate analyses of your data?
 Is your data presented neatly in chart form, with graphs and/or figures where required?
 Have you summarized and explained your results?
 Do you have a clear conclusion, where you either support or refute your hypothesis?
Format, Clarity, and Readability
 Have you followed the appropriate format for a lab report? Have you organized material appropriately?
 Have you properly cited material, which you took from other sources, in all sections of the paper except for the abstract?
 Is the paper written in a clear manner? Is it easily understandable? Is it free of both grammatical and spelling errors?