CRLA Level 1

Syllabus for CRLA
Level 1 / Regular Training

Course Instructor

Rhonda Madden Office SAC 2230

Rhonda Madden is responsible for grading, scheduling workshops and providing feedback for this course. If you have questions, please contact her.

Description of the Course

This course will provide training for Tutors and Coaches (English, Math, and ASL) at Gallaudet University based on criteria established by the College Reading and Learning Association's (CRLA) Level 1/Regular Tutor certification.

The course is designed to allow tutors to earn one PST credit and to work towards CRLA Level 1/Regular certification.

This training that combines workshop attendance and homework to be completed online. The Training Manual and course work are located on Blackboard under "My Organizations Plus."  Training must be completed within the first two weeks of hire. English Tutors/Language Advisors must complete two additional training sessions.


Grading is determined on a pass or fails basis (P/F). Successful completion of 15 hours of training will earn a "P." Tutors have one semester to complete this course. If an INC grade is recorded for this course you will need to finish the incomplete by midterm of the next semester. If you do not complete the course your grade will change to an "F".

If you decide not to work at TIP and want to withdraw from the course, you need to ask your Supervisor for a Course Withdrawal form. It is your responsibility to talk with your Supervisor before withdrawing from the course or quitting your job


To earn CRLA certification, tutors must:

  • provide at least 25 hours of tutoring or writing advising;

  • complete the course;

  • receive satisfactory evaluations from students and supervisor(s).

How to do Level 1 Training

  1. Meet with your Supervisor for Orientation
  2. Complete the following training within two weeks of being hired (you don't need to do these in 1, 2, 3 order)

Workshop #1 Orientation

  • Introduction to TIP and its services
  • Introduction to CRLA
  • Tutorial Supervisors and their responsibilities
  • Introduction to the tutor training program
  • Starfish training

Workshop #2 Employment Information

  • Gallaudet and TIP employment policies and procedures
  • Time card and pay information

Workshop #3 The Role of the Tutor/Coach

  • Ethics and philosophy of TIP
  • Defining tutoring and tutor responsibilities
  • Basic tutoring guidelines
  • Basic do's and don'ts
  • Setting goals/planning

Workshop #4 Tutoring Techniques

  • Being a role model
  • Communication skills
  • Active listening/ probing questions
  • Introduction to commonly used techniques
  • Modeling problem solving

Workshop #5 Tutoring Study Skills

  • Reading improvement
  • Introducing SQ3R (survey, question, read, review, re-cite)
  • Notetaking
  • Time management
  • Test taking
  • Organization skills (managing papers, projects, schedules)

Workshop #6 English Tutor Training

English Tutor Training (required for both English Tutors and Writing Advisors-not required for other tutors.  All on-line work for English Tutoring and Writing Advising should be completed before general on-line training.

Workshop #7 Writing Advisor Training

Writing Advisor Training (required for both English Tutors and English Coaches - not required for other tutors). All on-line work for English Tutors and Advisors should be completed before general on-line training.

3) Complete Online Course Work

Online work is organized according to workshop topics. Each workshop has its own folder with work related to that workshop in the folder. The activities in each folder include reading, quizzes, discussion questions, and video tapes.

To access the online work, do the following:

  • go to;
  • logon using your GDOC account;
  • under "My Organizations" click on PST 571-OL1 CRLA Tutor Training I;
  • click on "Assignments;" and
  • begin reading and doing the related work

English Tutors / Advisors should start the online work with English Tutoring and Writing Advising then goes the other sections.