Employment Information

As a part of EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION, Tutors and Coaches will learn about

  1. Gallaudet and TIP Policies and Rules
  2. Time Card and Pay Information

This segment of training includes

  1. reading the Employment Information segment of the web-based TIP Tutor Training Manual
  2. quizzes
  3. an evaluation

Brief Introduction

As with any job, employees need to become familiar with workplace policies and rules. There are eight categories under "Gallaudet and TIP Policies and Rules." Please read the information carefully and contact your supervisor if you have questions or need clarification.

Along with polices and rules, employees need to know how to get paid for the work they do. "Time Card and Pay Information" is designed to guide Tutors and Coaches in learning how to track their earnings. Again, please read this information carefully and contact your Supervisor if something is not clear.