TIP Policies and Rules

Attendance Policy

Tutorial & Instructional Programs (TIP) has a policy regarding student absences. If a student doesn't show up for three sessions after getting an assignment without informing us, then his/her tutoring assignment will be canceled.

Three (3) absences = termination of tutorial assignment

Tutor/Coach Responsibilities: If a student misses the first session or any subsequent sessions, the tutor/coach should send the following e-mail to the student.

TO: student.name@gallaudet.edu
CC: tip4services@gallaudet.edu
SUBJECT: Tutorial Session Attendance

Hi [student's name],

I am concerned that you missed your first tutoring/coaching session. Are you still interested in tutoring? If so, please let me know as soon as possible. If you miss a total of three (3) tutoring sessions, we will have to cancel your tutorial assignment.

[Tutor/Coach's name]


If the student doesn't reply by e-mail and doesn't show up for the next session, the tutor/advisor may cancel the appointment in Starfish. Students may reapply for tutoring but their original tutor may not be available at their desired time or they may have to  work with a different tutor. 

If the student misses tutorial sessions, tutor/coach should contact the Coordinator if there is a special situation to determine if tutoring should continue or be rescheduled.

If a student or tutor/coach cannot attend a session, please give notice one day in advance whenever possible by doing ONE of the following:

  1. leave a note on the message board;
  2. call and leave a message with the program assistant at (866) 858-6369 .
  3. email a message to each other with a cc to tip4services@gallaudet.edu.

If a student doesn't show up for an appointment after the 10-minute grace period, the Tutor/Advisor will still be paid for 30 minutes of work. After three absences the session is cancelled. Tutor must cancel the appointment in Starfish to show their availability.

ADD/DROP/CHANGES in  schedules

Any time a staff member or student needs to make a change to his/her schedule, he/she needs to make the changes in Starfish. Starfish is also used by students wishing to change to a different tutor. Starfish allows staff  to request any of the following changes:

  • the times that staff is available to work
  • the meeting time of a specific tutoring session
  • the number of meeting times with a specific student
  • to drop a specific student from his/her schedule

Students can be dropped or assigned to a different tutor if:

  • the student or tutor has had three absences
  • there is a role conflict (e.g. person is a roommate, friend, relative, or rival)
  • there is an irreconcilable conflict between the tutor and student
  • the tutor lacks experience with course or subject material

Determining Pay Rate

TIP considers skills, experience, and the departmental budget in making a salary offer. Pay rates will not be compromised to intentionally enable a student to qualify for SSI.

Employees who work in more than one position may receive different rates of pay.

Students, with the exception of Federal Work Study students and international students (those classified as F-1), may work up to a total of 40 hours per week on campus. If you hold more than one position on campus, please remember that you cannot work more than a total of 40 hours each week unless the overtime is approved in advance by the supervisor. TIP does NOT and will NOT allow any overtime work.

In accordance with INS regulations, international students are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week except during holidays and recesses.

Federal Work Study students are not permitted to work more than 39 hours each week or 79 hours during a two-week pay period.

Performance Evaluations and Merit Increases

At TIP, the Supervisor will do an evaluation of the Employee's performance once a semester. Click here to get a blank performance evaluation form.

In addition, students are asked periodically to fill out an evaluation of TIP Services. This lets Supervisors know how Tutors and Coaches are received by their students.

After one year on the job the evaluations will be reviewed for a merit increase.

Based on your overall performance, you may be eligible for a merit increase.

To earn an outstanding evaluation you must:

  • receive favorable evaluations from your students;
  • receive favorable evaluations from your supervisor; and
  • complete at least one level of CRLA training per semester.

Employees with a Needs Improvement, or Unsatisfactory evaluation are not eligible for a merit increase. Employees may be reevaluated in three months and may receive a merit increase if performance has improved to above average or outstanding. Employees with Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory evaluations are warned on the evaluation form that, unless there is immediate and sustained improvement, employment will be terminated.

Re-hiring Procedures

Freshmen and 2.0 for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors)

  • TIP generally continues to employ Tutors and Coaches who wish to provide assistance from one semester to the next. At the beginning of each semester, returning Tutors and Coaches wishing to continue work should fill out an Employee Information form and give a copy of your most recent semester GPA report to your supervisor.
  • Tutors and Coaches will not be rehired if their performance is deemed unsatisfactory by their supervisor for one or more of the following reasons.

If the Tutor or Coach

  • allows their GPA to fall below University standards (1.75 for Freshmen and 2.0 for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors)
  • receives a majority or "poor" evaluations from students
  • get a C grade or worst in a course he or she wishes to tutor
  • demonstrates unprofessional behavior
  • violates confidentiality
  • demonstrates a lack of responsibility
  • does note make satisfactory progress on the CRLA certification training

Special Note:

If a Tutor or Coach quits during the middle of the semester, he or she will not be considered for re-hiring for at least one year. Of course, this policy can be waived if he/she was forced to quit due to medical reasons or special circumstances that he/she discussed with the supervisor.

Resignation Procedures

If you wish to leave or resign from TIP in the middle of a semester, you will have to do the following:

  • talk with your supervisor
  • give two weeks notice prior to your date of resignation
  • submit a formal letter of resignation explaining your reasons
  • immediately inform your student(s) of your resignation
  • complete closing reports during the final two weeks of your employment with TIP

Failure to complete a full semester tutoring your student(s) is disruptive to the student's progress and is therefore unprofessional. This may provide grounds for TIP to not consider you for future work or to not offer a recommendation to a new employer.


Computer Policy

Using the Lab

Computers in the tutorial lab are to be used exclusively by Tutors, Advisors and their students. We are not an open computer lab.

Lab Policies

  • No eating or drinking allowed near any of the computers.
  • Do not reconfigure or alter the computers in any way.
  • TIP is NOT responsible for problems caused by computer viruses, improper use of the equipment, or loss of data due to equipment malfunctions or any other reason. Nor are we responsible for any work left unattended on a computer.
  • TIP is not responsible for any items left in the tutorial lab.
  • Do not install any software on the computers without permission from the Coordinator.
  • Do not attempt to move, repair, reconfigure, modify or attach external devices to the systems. If you need to attach any external devices to equipment in the Lab, you must get approval FIRST from the Coordinator.
  • Viewing of pornographic or offensive material is not allowed.

Suggestions and Improvements

We are eager to receive suggestions for improving the lab. We urge you to send your comments and/or malfunction reports via e-mail to the Coordinator:

Linda Williams, SAC 2233, email: linda.williams@gallaudet.edu

(Much of the information in this form was derived from the Faculty Resources Lab Policy written by Elwyn Canning)


Academic Honesty Policy

Students frequently ask "Why are Tutors not allowed to help with take-home tests?" and "Why aren't English Coaches allowed to edit or proofread papers?"

In accordance with the Academic Honesty Policy established by Gallaudet University, Tutors/Coaches are not permitted to assist students with tests. Also, Tutors and Coaches are not permitted to edit or proofread papers to the extent that the paper does not represent the student's own work. If a Tutor or Coach edits or proofreads course work (and makes changes for the student), the student would not be presenting his or her own true work. The student should make his/her own changes based on feedback given by the Tutor or Coach. Our goal is to give students feedback and learning opportunities so they can gain the skills they need to write and edit their own work. Below is the Gallaudet University's Academic Honesty Policy as presented in the Gallaudet University Catalog.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Because some situations seem ambiguous, TIP has established the following guidelines to help avoid sexual harassment in the workplace:

  • Do not inquire into the intimate social affairs of your students, co-workers and coordinator (i.e. dating history, sexual habits).
  • Do not make physical contact with other students or staff members (i.e. do not hug).
  • Do not tutor your student in private quarters (i.e. your dorm room, your home, or your student's dorm room).
  • Refrain from making comments of a sexual nature.
  • Have your student re-assigned immediately if intimacy or romantic interest should develop or if the student and you have had prior relations.

Click here to see a full view of Gallaudet's Policy on Sexual Harassment.