Paperwork for English Coaches

Create a Hanging File Folder

All English Coaches can create their own hanging file folder in the file cabinet near the Program Assistant's desk. You must write your name on it. You can keep materials for students or your Daily Record in the file, but it is not a confidential file.

Writing Advice Appointment Notebook

For all Walk in Coaches

Walk in English Coaches schedules are established at the beginning of the semester. Each time slot in the English Coach's schedule is recorded in the main WA appointment notebook so that students can sign up for WA times. WAs are required to work during those assigned hours, regardless of whether or not they have a writing advice appointment scheduled. Writing advisors can be called by the program assistant to provide walk-in help for reading or writing during scheduled hours of work.

When WAs arrive at work, they should:

  • check the appointment notebook to see whom they are scheduled to work with
  • check their mailbox to see if any student has left a paper for them to review before the session

If no student is scheduled for a specific time, the WA should:

  • work on projects assigned by the Supervisor, or
  • work on their CRLA training certification.

Sending Email to Students

Coach Responsibilities: If a student misses the first session or any subsequent sessions, the coach should send an e-mail to the student with a cc to the Supervisor.


CC: Supervisor's Name

SUBJECT: Tutorial Session Attendance

Hi [student's name],

I am concerned that you missed your first coaching/tutoring session. Are you still interested in tutoring? If so, please let me know as soon as possible. If you miss a total of three (3) tutoring sessions, we will have to cancel your tutorial assignment.

[Coach's name]

If the student doesn't reply by e-mail and doesn't show up for the next session, the tutor/advisor fills out an add/drop/change form and gives it to the Program Assistant. The scheduler will ask the student if he/she wants to reapply or to drop.

Add/Drop/Change Form

If a student misses three tutorial sessions, The tutor coach should contact the Director if there is a special situation.