CRLA Level 1 Training: ORIENTATION will cover the following topics:

  1. An introduction and a brief history of Tutorial & Instructional Programs (TIP)
  2. Goals of TIP
  3. TIP Services
  4. TIP Supervisors
  5. Supervisor's Expectations
  6. CRLA and the TIP Training Program
  7. Using Blackboard (my.gallaudet.edu)
  8. Starfish
  9. Paperwork Follow-up

This segment of training includes

  1. reading the ORIENTATION segment of the web-based TIP Tutor Training Manual
  2. quizzes
  3. an evaluation


Welcome to the TIP training program. We hope you find our training helpful and thorough. This training program constantly evolves and a lot of the changes result from feedback from tutors like you. At the end of each training segment you will find an evaluation form designed to help us improve our training and services. All information is confidential and appreciated. We, in turn, expect our tutors to complete the training requirements so that our students continue to receive exemplary service.

The Program in Brief

Tutorial & Instructional Programs (TIP) began in the fall of 2002 with the merger of two independent programs: English Works! and The Tutorial Center. Though the vast majority of students who use our services are undergraduates, increasing numbers of graduate and doctoral students are coming to us as well. TIP staff is composed of Three professional staff and about 120 support staff consisting of part-time Tutors, Coaches, and Program Assistants. The Director of TIP is Thelma Schroeder. 

The primary goals of TIP are to provide:

  • tutoring for students in all academic courses,
  • writing advice for students working on writing projects in any course,
  • literacy related training and consultation for the faculty, and
  • leadership in the University's efforts to foster better academic skills.

TIP Services

Students often come to Tutorial & Instructional Programs not knowing about the wide selection of services offered. Many students use one-on-one tutoring but would benefit from other services, particularly English coaching, ASL coaching and, Walk-In Services. Tutors need to know about TIP services and be able to refer their students as needed. Please become familiar with our program offerings.

CRLA and the TIP Training Program

The Tutorial & Instructional Programs (TIP) training program has been certified by the College Reading & Learning Association. The CRLA sets the international standards for tutor training programs. All 3 levels of CRLA training are offered.

  • Tutors and coaches are required to complete Level 1/Regular training.
  • Tutors must complete five Level 1 training sessions with in the first two weeks after being hired.
  • Rhonda Madden is responsible for Level 1 training and scheduling of workshops.
  • Levels 2/Advanced and 3/Master are optional unless otherwise specified by your Supervisor. Rhonda Madden is responsible  for Level 2 and  Level 3.
  • If you leave your position at TIP and do not want to complete the course, ask your Supervisor for a course withdrawal form.

Using Blackboard (blackboard.gallaudet.edu)

You can begin working towards your CRLA Level 1/Regular certification by completing the required training sessions, reading the manual, and doing online assignments. To begin your online work

  • go to blackboard.gallaudet.edu;
  • logon using your account (your user name and password);
  • look under My Organizations Plus and click on Spring 2017 CRLA 1.;
  • go to the left menu (in yellow) and click on Assignments;
  • click on a folder and complete the work listed inside the folder. Each folder has approximately 1 to 2 hours of work.

If you have questions or concerns about accessing your CRLA Tutor Training online, please contact your Supervisor right away.



  • TIP uses software called Starfish to:
    • assign Tutors and students;
    • help Tutors keep track of their work schedule;
    • collect data on program activities;
    • track students'/tutors' attendance.


  • For Tutors/Coaches: 
  • How to set up work hours in Starfish

  TIP Lab opens after 9 am and closes at 9 pm.

Upon signing in Bb, click on Starfish tab
Click "Home"
Click "Add Office Hours"
Title: change it to "Tutoring", "English Tutoring or "ASL tutoring" (Selection is dependent on the kind of tutor you are)
What days? Weekly
Repeats every: 1 please leave it to 1 week
Check which day you can do Tutoring, English tutoring or ASL tutoring
What Time? NO EARLIER THAN 9am and End Time: CANNOT be Later than 9 pm
Where? Leave "In an office" Detail: PUT SAC 1221. Leave Instructions blank
How Long? Minimum: 30 min Maximum: 1 hour
Start/End Date: Ends: choose "End of Term" and "Fall 2016”
Hit submit

If you have different hours for different days, create another office hours!

If you want to check your work schedule, you have several choices:

  • Appointments
  • Options
  • View Day
  • View Week
  • View Schedule

If you want to see your monthly calendar, options available are:

  • Appointment Menu
  • Cancel Appointment
  • Cancel Appointment Series
  • Edit Appointment

If you are still uncertain about using Starfish, please ask the Program Assistant, or your supervisor for guidance.

Paperwork and Follow up

When you were hired by TIP, you were asked to fill out a stack of papers. Sometimes a form or two will get lost in the shuffle. We need to know if you have completed the following:

  • Employee Information form
  • Confidentiality Contract with your Supervisor.
  • Forms at the Personnel Office (College Hall, Room 102 Personnel Office):
    • IRS Form W-4
    • State/Local Tax Exemption forms
    • INS Form I-9 for Employment Eligibility Verification
      - you need to bring two forms of legal identification, one must be a picture ID. The most commonly used forms of ID are:
      • a valid passport
      • a valid state driver's license
      • Social Security card