Tutoring Study Skills

Session 5:

New tutors often do not realize that the bulk of their tutoring time sessions with students will be spent on teaching STUDY SKILLS. This is an essential part of tutoring. Tutors need to be able to:

  • Identify the kinds of study skills students use;
  • Help them improve their skills;
  • Learn new skills.

This part of the CRLA training includes:

  • Taking the Cook Study Skills Checklist
  • Doing quizzes and homework
  • Viewing three videos, each about 10 minutes long
    • Reading Improvement
    • Note taking
    • Strategic Learning

Techniques for Developing Study Skills:

  1. Time Management
    • Be punctual and go to class on time. Everything that is said in class is important and is not to be missed. Good attendance in class leads to better grades.
    • Set up and maintain a schedule for studying and doing homework.
    • Write down assignments.
  2. Note Taking
    • Listen to the teacher's lectures and write down the main points. Make notes and highlight them. Review your notes frequently.
  3. Reading
  4. The Cornell Notetaking System
  5. Goal Setting
    • Be aware of your teacher's expectations and goals for class. If you do not understand some of them, ask the teacher for clarification.
  6. Problem Solving
  7. Asking Questions
  8. Test Preparation
  9. Summarizing/Paraphrasing Information
    • Make a list of main points of the material.
  10. Organizing Information
    • Put notes and handouts in an organized notebook.
  11. Studying Environment
    • Have all materials ready, such as papers, pens, books, etc., to avoid any interruptions.
    • Take 15-minute breaks after 40 minutes to 50 minutes of studying. Exercise, nap, watch the view outside to help you rejuvenate.
  12. Helpful Links: