Handling No Shows

Occasionally students don't show up for scheduled tutoring/advising time. If the student does not show up after 10 minutes, Tutors and Advisors should complete the following tasks that apply to their position:

1. Email (Tutors and Semester Writing Advisors must send the following email to the student):

TO: student.name@gallaudet.edu
CC: supervisor.name@gallaudet.edu
SUBJECT: Tutorial Session Attendance
Hi [student's name],

I am concerned that you missed your tutoring/advising session. Are you still interested in tutoring? If so, please let me know as soon as possible. If you miss a total of three (3) tutoring sessions, we will have to cancel your tutorial assignment.

[Tutor/Advisor's name] 

2. Complete Time Card

Tutors and Language Advisors should record 30 minutes on their Time Card for the No Show (as they are paid for 30 minutes of work for No Shows unless they have prior permission from a supervisor to work on a project or do training).

If the student doesn't reply by email and misses a total of three sessions, the Tutor/Advisor should:

  • In Starfish cancel the appointment series. If there is a special situation that caused the student to miss his/her sessions, contact the supervisor for an advice on how to procede with that student. 

NOTE: If the student is in English 60, you must see the supervisor/scheduler before dropping the student after three absences.