Welcome! The (STAMP2) Center provides walk-in, and one-to-one tutoring in a friendly, personalized atmosphere. 

Our tutors are undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students, alumni, and non-Gallaudet individuals who excel in the courses that they tutor, and many have participated in tutor training programs. Tutors can help you learn course content and problem-solving, in addition to enhancing study skills.  

The STAMP2 Center is now accepting applications for the Spring 2020 semester.  If you are interested in becoming a STAMP Tutor,  please apply using the link below:


For best consideration please apply by Monday, August 31, 2020.

All questions should be sent to stamp.center@gallaudet.edu

STAMP2 Center Virtual Meeting Location 

Walk-In Schedule (January 18, 2021 - May 4, 2021)

Zoom link: https://gallaudet.zoom.us/j/92365465635

Zoom ID: 923-6546-5635

STAMP2 Center Links

  1. One-on-one Tutoring Availability: Schedule tutoring around classes ad other obligations.
  2. Biographies: Learn more about the STAMP2 Center tutors.
  3. STAMP2 Resources: View ASL videos, Khan Academy, and much more. 
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Get an idea of how the STAMP2 Center works. Let us help you get an idea of how the STAMP2 Center works.

If you need assistance or more information please send an email to Tutorial.Center@gallaudet.edu or stamp.center@gallaudet.edu