The STAMP Center offers STAMP Resources, personalized tutoring services, and an opportunity for just about anyone at-large from the Gallaudet community to come in and see the latest in educational advancements stemming around the exciting constellation of fields known as STAMP (Science, Technology, Accessibility, Mathematics, and Public Health).

Technology MAT 40/45/55 (Algebra) MAT 130 (PreCalculus)
GSR 104 (Quantitative Reasoning) Advanced Math Courses


Below is the list of main topics that allows you click to find further details for your creative project(s):

  1. Learning Management System (LMS): BlackBoard, MyMathlab, and WebAssign
  2. Scientific Calculator: TI-83/84 calculator, Web2.0 Calc, Mathway, and Wolfram|Alpha
  3. Online Software Training: Lynda
  4. Microsoft Office: MS Office (Free), MS Office 365, and Google Drive
  5. Writing Tool Online: Ink2go and Bamboo Tablet
  6. Computer screenshot: Snipping Tool (PC) and Snip (Mac)
  7. Movie/Video Editing Software: iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Final Cut Pro, Camtasia, and Kultura
Software or Device Features Purchase/Website
Learning Management System (LMS)

Blackboard LogoBlackBoard

  • Compatible with all electronic devices, e.g. iPhone
  • Upload electronic assignments

Price: Free for Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff

Website: BlackBoard for students and teachers

MyMathLab LogoMyMathLab

  • PC/MAC version
  • Instant feedback offered
  • Visual multimedia resources, e.g. videos, examples, textbooks, and skill builders

Price: Above $90 (Recommended not to use Amazon, due to possibly being used by someone else)

Website: MyMathLab

WebAssign Online Homework and Grading logoWebAssign

  • MAC/PC version
  • Used for advanced courses, e.g. MAT 130 PreCalculus assignments
  • Status icons quickly show which topics performed well on and where struggles were on first-attempt-on-problem data; filters make it easy to compare homework and test performance on the same topic; practice buttons let you review additional similar problems (WebAssign, 2016) 
  • Student Help:

Price: Basic access online fee is $22.95/student per semester

Website: WebAssign

Scientific Calculator


TI-83+/84 Graphing Calculator

  • PC version and download Android File Transfer for MAC version
  • Required for Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STM) majors
  • TI-Smartview is "an ideal demonstration tool for leading classroom instruction of math concepts," which is compatible with PC or MAC versions (Texas Instruments, 2016)

Price: $88 and up found on

Website: Instructions

Web 2.0 Calc FreeWeb2.0 Calc

  • Easily able to add visual parentheses for projects/assignments

Price: Free

Can download free app on own electronic device

Website: Web2.0 Calc

Mathway LogoMathway

  • Visual step-by-step

Price: Free

Website: Mathway 

WolframAlpha logoWolfram|Alpha

  • Visual step-by-step offered

Price: Free (basic elements) or $$ (upgrade)

Website: Wolfram|Alpha

Microsoft Office

MSOffice 365 logoMS Office

  • Gallaudet offers free use of MS Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint over two years

Price: Free for students and $4.95 for faculty members

Website: MS Office via Gallaudet OnTheHub eStore

MSOffice 365 logo cloudMS Office 365

  • MS Office 365 can save all files online; similar as Google Drive
  • Access from anywhere with Office 365

Price: Free for Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff

Website: MS Office 365

Google Drive LogoGoogle Drive

  • Google Drive enables to share files with others, e.g., working with classmates on PowerPoint file online (not required to meet in person)
  • Features: Powerful search, Google photos, scan documents (Android), work offline, and see old versions

Price: Free

Website: Google Drive

Writing Tool Online

Ink2go logoInk2go

  • Download Ink2go app for $19.99
  • Perfect for teaching/creating how to find correct solutions

Price: $19.99 once

Website: Ink2go

Wacom's leading pen tablet connects to laptopWacom Bamboo Tablet

  • Perfect for writing or drawing
  • Wacom's leading pen tablet technology

Price: Average around $60; found on

Website: Wacom 

Taking Pictures of Computer Screen

Snip scissor logoSnip

  • MAC version only
  • Easily take a picture on computer screen

Price: Free

Website: Snip

Snipping Tool scissorSnipping Tool

  • PC version only

Price: Free

Website: Snipping Tool

Video Editing Software


  • Mac version only
  • Green chroma key included
  • Create beautiful movies that can be edited at resolutions up to 4K

Free if own Mac laptop; can get app for $14.99

Website: iMovie

Windows Movie Maker logoWindows Video Maker

  • Designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP/Vista
  • Limited features to edit movies, e.g., do not have a feature of removing background details

Price: Free

Website: Windows Movie Maker

Adobe Final Cut Pro logoAdobe Final Cut Pro

  • PC/MAC version
  • More advanced features to edit movies, e.g., remove background details
  • Green/blue chroma key included (as part of adding PowerPoint background or writing background)
  • This software "takes motion graphics to the big screen with incredible 3D tiles, advanced masking tools, and effects enhancements that make it faster and easier to get the perfect look" (Apple Inc., 2016)

Price: $299.99

Website: Adobe Final Cut Pro

C for Camntasia logoCamtasia

Education Price: $75 (Mac) or $179 (PC)

Website: Camtasia

Kaltura logoKultura

  • Gallaudet has authorized license for use
  • Video interactivity and engagement
  • Interactive video quizzing
  • Video management 
  • Live streaming
  • Video editing tools, e.g., trim videos to create clips and add subtitles
  • More information can be found:

Price: Free for Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff

Website: Kultura

MAT 40 (Basic College Mathematics), MAT 45 (Elementary Algebra), and MAT 55 (Intermediate Algebra)

MAT 130 (PreCalculus)

GSR 104 (Quantitative Reasoning)

  • Susanna Henderson's ASL movies
    • Seven movies are available for viewing (Found in Youtube).
    • Statistics movies are privately offered via BlackBoard only. 

Advanced Math Courses (Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and more)