Apply as a Transfer Student

You will be considered a transfer student if you have enrolled at a college/university prior to applying. If you have a Bachelor's degree from another college/university and is new to Gallaudet, you will be considered a Second Degree Outside student. Please ensure you choose the appropriate application type in your application. The application requirements for a transfer/second degree outside student are:

  • Submit the online application.
  • $50 application fee (waived if you submit by December 1st).
  • An essay (the question can be found in the online application).
  • A letter of recommendation from an academic teacher.
  • Request that your high school and college transcript(s) be sent to Gallaudet University.
  • ACT or SAT scores. (If you show evidence of having completed 12 hours of college-level English and Mathematics, or a total of 30 hours of college credit, the ACT/SAT requirement may be waived)
  • Audiogram.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after October 1 if applicable. 


Please visit the Transfer Credits website for more information about transferring your credits to Gallaudet, course equivalencies, and more. If you wish to contact our Transfer Specialist, please email


All newly deaf and hard of hearing admitted students are automatically considered for our  merit scholarships at the time of acceptance.

For optimal consideration for Honors scholarships, please submit your application and all requirements before the priority deadline of February 15. Applications received or completed after the priority deadline will be considered for admission, although scholarship funds may not be available. Learn more about the Honors Program here.


The financial aid process is a separate process from applying for admission.

Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1. The priority filing date is June 1. Once we have your FAFSA on file, we will send you a Financial Aid award letter that provides detailed information about your eligible financial aid and your estimated remaining cost. You must complete the financial aid process even if you are also completing the Vocational Rehabilitation funding process. To see if you are eligible for VR, contact your state VR agency as early as your freshman year of high school. Second Degree applicants are not eligible for merit-based scholarships.