Steps for Admission into the BAI Program

You must apply for admission to the BAI program by completing the online application for the appropriate term and submitting all supporting documents. Please see below for a detailed explanation of the two-phase application process.

Application Process: Phase 1

  • Submit your online application, along with the $50 application fee. The application deadline for Fall 2019 was January 31, 2019; please check back in Fall 2019 to apply for Fall 2020!
  • Submit one written essay and one video essay in American Sign Language.
  • Send one letter of recommendation. It must be from an academic teacher.
  • Request that your high school transcript be sent to Gallaudet University. We accept both paper and electronic transcripts. If you have your transcript sent electronically, it should be sent to Please note that the BAI program requires that you have a 2.75 or higher cumulative grade point average in your high school or previous college coursework.
  • Submit your ACT or SAT scores.

Application Process: Phase 2

  • After you submit your application, your Admissions Counselor will review Phase 1 documents. Should you be eligible for Phase 2, you will be sent a link for the BAI Language Performance evaluation (BAI LP) from the Department of Interpretation and Translation. Your Admissions Counselor will provide information regarding this evaluation at the time of Phase 2 eligibility.

  • Applicants are also required to schedule an American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI), a video-recorded evaluation that will determine your overall ASL proficiency. The BAI program requires an ASLPI score of 3 or higher. The ASLPI can be taken at Gallaudet or via videophone from an approved location. The ASLPI evaluation system is housed in ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES) at Gallaudet University. See the ASL-DES web site for information on fees and other details. Please be aware that you will be connected with ASL-DES at your Admissions Counselor's discretion. If you have any questions, please email

Once admitted, you will not be able to change your BAI major if you are a hearing student unless you reapply to the Hearing Undergraduate (HUG) program. Deaf students admitted to the BAI program may change their major without reapplying to the university, as there is no mandated "cap" for deaf students at Gallaudet.