Apply as a Transfer Hearing Student

Gallaudet University admission is open to a select group of hearing undergraduate students who know American Sign Language and would like to study alongside deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

No other university in the world offers a full immersion in a bilingual ASL and English environment, along with internship and research opportunities that span the globe.

You may apply as a transfer student to the general Hearing Undergraduate (HUG) program and enter any major. Or you may apply for the Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation (BAI).

For all students, there is one undergraduate admissions application. If you choose the BAI program, you must complete an additional BAI Language Proficiency assessment; but you do not need to complete a second admissions application.

To apply for admission to Gallaudet, go to Application Central

Application Requirements for Hearing Students

Transfer Credits and Credit Evaluation

Applying for Financial Aid

The financial aid process is a separate process from applying for admission. Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1. The priority filing date is June 1.

Important Dates and Deadlines