Get ready to make friends and to make the most of Gallaudet!

Students, professors and staff are here to welcome you to campus, whether your first day is for an athletic pre-season, a pre-orientation program or New Student Orientation.

Find out everything you need to know about Gallaudet and enjoy great trips around Washington, D.C. Current students will serve as your orientation leaders, resident advisors in your residence hall and peer mentors. They will help you build friendships and have a successful first year.

Pre-orientation Dates
Pre-orientation is required for Honors, and international students, as well as students with disabilities.

New Student Orientation
NSO is required for all new undergraduate students.

Events at NSO

During NSO, you will participate in welcome activities; meet academic advisors, faculty, staff and administrators; and become familiar with campus culture and services.

All first-year, transfer and international students must take placement tests in ASL and may be asked to take tests for English and mathematics. We strongly encourage that you take those tests online before arriving for NSO. These tests are required, as your scores on these tests help you and your academic advisor schedule appropriate classes for your first semester.


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