News Submission Form

General Guidelines

The Office of University Communications encourages news and story submissions from the Gallaudet community, including news tips, photos, and written stories. All story submissions will be considered with priority given to those which support the goals of the Gallaudet Strategic Plan (GSP) Stories not directly related to the GSP will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account space and staff time limitations.

News tips and written news stories should include:

  • A summary of the event or news item
  • Who is involved
  • Why the event occurred
  • Where and when the event occurred

Each accepted story will be edited for style and content and adherence to our editorial standards and guidelines.

Photo submissions must meet the specifications provided and may be cropped depending on size and space limitations. Complete information about individuals in the photo, the date of the photo, and whom to credit for the photo must be submitted to be considered for publication. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What publications does the university offer?

  • The Daily Digest is an online daily newsletter that highlights recent news, events and a photo of the day. 
  • The Calendar is an online calendar of events 
  • The slide show that appears on the home page highlights Gallaudet news and events.
  • On The Green is Gallaudet's online magazine that publishes feature articles and columns such as "Among Ourselves" which highlights recent news of individual staff and faculty.
  • The Gallaudet Today magazine and Gallaudet Today newsletter are printed publications that are each published twice a year.  They primarily cover alumni events but also offer features of interest to the campus community at large.

How do I request an event or news be covered by the Office of University Communications? If you would like Communications and Public Relations to cover an event or news in our other publications, complete the news submission form at least two weeks in advance. If you have a preference on the publication in which it should be covered please note that in the appropriate field on the form.

If I submit a news tip or article about an upcoming event, does that guarantee coverage? Due to limited staff resources and space limitations in certain publications, we are not able to honor all coverage requests. Priority will be given to those events that support the goals of the Gallaudet Strategic Plan.

How do I request a photo of my event in your publications? For On the Green and Gallaudet Today magazine or newsletter, you should fill out the Photo Request Form. You should let us know two weeks in advance of the event, provide all the relevant information (day, time, location, contact person). You may accompany the story with a photo.

For the Featured Photo, which appears in Daily Digest, please send:

  • A high resolution photo (see details below)
  • A description of what is happening and who is pictured
  • The name of the photographer

Want a copy of photos from your event? The office is pleased to send digital photos upon request.

Photo submissions: Any photos submitted for print must be in JPG format and be high resolution (300 dpi or greater). Photos for Daily Digest announcements must be cropped or resized to 848 pixels wide by 477 pixels high.

What kinds of stories do you pitch to media? If you believe your event may be worth coverage in newspapers, magazines, television programs, or other external media, please contact the Office of University Communications directly to meet with a media relations representative. The event must support the goals of the Gallaudet Strategic Plan and have a wider appeal to a broad audience.

A reporter contacted me requesting information or an interview. What should I do? Students, faculty, and staff have a great deal of expertise and insight to share with members of the media. However, before responding to a media representative, members of the campus community should contact University Communications at, (202) 250-2738 (videophone) or (202) 651-5505 (voice). University Communications is the source for the media regarding any official information about the University.