The Gallaudet University Finance and Planning Committee (FPC) serves an advisory role with  respect to planning, resource allocation, and assessment; and monitors and facilitates  the University’s planning, resource allocation, and assessment activities. A transparent and inclusive budget formulation process is critical to the success of an academic institution. The membership of the Committee serves to represent the faculty, staff and Clerc Center teachers/staff.
The Committee's responsibilities include—

  1. Facilitating  evaluation of progress toward achievement of the institution’s strategic initiatives and the institution’s academic achievements;
  2. Facilitating  the University’s annual budget development process, including proposing the annual operating and capital budgets, and making recommendations for federal appropriation, salary treatment, and tuition;
  3. Facilitating  revisions to the Gallaudet Strategic Plan and facilitating discussions on relationship between the Gallaudet Strategic Plan and the Clerc Center Strategic Plan;
    1. Assuring that the University’s budget is aligned with the Gallaudet Strategic Plan and the Clerc Center Strategic Plan;
    2. Developing guidelines for preparing  and prioritizing action plans for the implementation of strategic plans at all levels (e.g., institutional and unit level); reviewing action plans within the context of strategic resource allocation; providing advice to the President’s Executive Team and the President; and establishing reporting mechanisms;
  4. Reviewing results of university-level learning assessment updates and program reviews that are conducted on a regularly scheduled basis, and making recommendations on strategies and mechanisms to continually improve the quality of the institution.
  5. Assuring that GU meets all MSCHE and U.S. Department of Education (ED) expectations for planning, resource allocation, and assessment.


The Committee provides recommendations for the Chief Financial Officer and President on the implementation and evaluation of its budget, Strategic Plans and all aspects of institutional assessment.