Team Placement
1st place Model Secondary School for the Deaf
2nd place Pinellas County District
3rd place W.T. Woodson High School
4th place Texas School for the Deaf
Wild Card Team Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
Wild Card Team Alabama School for the Deaf

Sportsmanship Award
 Willie Ross School for the Deaf
 Woodrow Wilson High School

Four Year Players Awards
 Tyler Naeyaert, MSSD
 Gustavo Lucha, North Carolina SD

All-Star Players
 Adrianna Chain, Senior, Mississippi SD
 Nevan Graves, Junior, Texas SD
 Talia Guglielmino, Sophomore, W.T. Woodson HS
 Kaytlin Huey, Sophomore, Texas SD
 Taode Ogden, Sophomore, Virginia SDB
 Nate Jacob, MSSD

Most Outstanding Player
 Vipin Suren, Sophomore, Pinellas County District