In 2009, the National competition was expanded from 10 to 16 teams.


2009 Southeast Region Results

2009 West Region Results

2009 Midwest Region Results

2009 Mid-Atlantic/At-Large Region Results

2009 Northeast Region Results

2009 National Results

Number of Regional Teams: 79

Number of National Teams: 16

National Competition teams:

California School for the Deaf, Fremont (West)
Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind (West)
EDCO @ Newton North High School (Mid-Atlantic)
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (Southeast)
Indiana School for the Deaf (Midwest)
The Learning Center (Northeast)
Maryland School for the Deaf (Mid-Atlantic)
Metro Deaf School (Midwest)
Michigan School for the Deaf (Midwest)
Monroe #1 BOCES (Mid-Atlantic/At-Large)
New York State School for the Deaf (Northeast)
Rochester School for the Deaf (Northeast)
South Plantation High School (Southeast)
University High School (West)
W.T. Woodson High School (Mid-Atlantic)
White Station High School (Southeast)

Webcast Link for Championship and Third Place matches:


National Championship match:

University HS defeated Indiana SD

Third Place match:

Maryland SD defeated Colorado SDB

Sportsmanship Award:

South Plantation HS (FL)

Most Outstanding Player:

Gianni Manganelli, Senior, University HS

University HS Team Roster:

Manuel Alvarado
Moises Jaramillo
Gianni Maganelli
Emily Schwartz
Jessica Walker

University HS