Rules and Guidelines

Click here to open the .pdf file for the 2018 Academic Bowl Rules and Guidelines!

Here are the summary of the new updates:

1) Registration: Registration will take place from Weds, Sept. 27 to Friday, Sept. 29. Teams will NOT be admitted to a Regional competition based on first come, first serve anymore. We will still recognize coaches who are the first to register and reward them with a pat on the back and a gold star on your foreheads. :)

2) Screening Test: Due to the large number of teams competing in the Academic Bowl and a limited number of slots in each Regional competition, we are implementing a new videophone or webcam-based screening procedure for teams. Starting in the 2018 competition year, all teams except host school teams will take a screening test in November 2017 in order to qualify for the Regional competition. Teams will take a screening test with Gallaudet Officers sometime during the weeks of November 6-10 and November 13-17, 2017. We have reserved a number of automatic entries for each Region depending on the number of teams that register for their assigned Regions. (More information can be found in the Rules and Guidelines manual)

With the new screening test, we feel this will encourage schools to raise the bar on expectations for Academic Bowl players and coaches (i.e. more practice sessions, studying during the summer/fall, etc). This will also help us seed teams for the Regional competition which will help ensure a more competitive balance among pools.

For the Screening Test, teams may use up to 5 players with substitutions taking place before the start of each round. Teams will still only be able to bring 4 players to the Regional competition but may use the 5th player as an alternative player in case another player drops out before the Regional competition.

3) Regional Competition Format: The format for the Regional competitions is changing to align with the format used during the National competition. Teams will now be divided into four pools of five teams each. The results of the round robin matches will then determine their seeding for the Playoff bracket on the second day of the competition. This will ensure a more exciting conclusion to the Regional competition in which all teams are "alive" when the Playoffs start. This will also help give us more wiggle room in the schedule as the schedule for a 2 pool, 10 teams in a pool competition is exhausting for players, coaches, volunteers, and Gallaudet officials. More information can also be found in the Rules and Guidelines manual about the new format.

4) Category Updates: We have renamed the The Arts category to Arts and Entertainment. Pop Culture, Leisure, and Sports will remain as a category but some topics will be moved over to the Arts and Entertainment category. We made the change to give questions developers a broader range of topics to choose from in the Arts and Entertainment category. More information can be found in the R+G manual (even more reasons for coaches to read it).

All in all, we hope that the new changes bring more excitement to the Academic Bowl next year and we are all looking forward to another great year of the Academic Bowl!

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