For the 2013-2014 school year, the Preliminary competition was held in December 2013 and the Playoffs were held in January 2014. The top 8 teams from the Buff Division, the top 4 teams from the Blue Division, and the top 4 teams from the Green Division were invited to the national competition held at Gallaudet in March 2014. 

Number of Schools in the Preliminary competition: 33

Number of Teams in the Preliminary competition: 58

National Competition teams (Buff):

Earle B. Wood Middle School

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

CSD Riverside

Indiana SD

Michigan SD

Phoenix Day SD

Rochester SD

Texas SD

National Competition teams (Blue):

Illinois SD

Indiana SD

Kentucky SD

Washington SD

National Competition teams (Green):

Atlanta Area School for the Deaf

CSD Riverside

Illinois SD

Louisiana SD

Buff National Championship match:

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School defeated Earle B. Wood Middle School

Buff Most Outstanding Player:

Jennida Willoughby, 8th grade, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Buff Sportsmanship Award:

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Buff All Stars:

Jared Herman, 8th grade, CSD Riverside

Jonathan Summers, 8th grade, Earle B. Wood Middle School

Spencer Willey, 7th grade, Indiana SD

Eliyas Assefa, 8th grade, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Tyler Naeyaert, 8th grade, Michigan SD

Zander Herbold, 6th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Emma Doughty, 6th grade, Rochester SD

Nevan Graves, 7th grade, Texas SD

Blue National Championship match:

Kentucky SD defeated Illinois SD

Blue Most Outstanding Player:

Payne Yance, 8th grade, Kentucky SD

Blue Sportsmanship Award:

Kentucky SD

Blue All Stars:

Jared Spinale, 8th grade, Indiana SD

Ian Fraas, 6th grade, Illinois SD

Jadzia Ingram, 7th grade, Washington SD

Kalena Bumbala, 6th grade, Indiana SD

Green National Championship match:

Illinois SD and Louisiana SD tied

Green Most Outstanding Player:

Nthabeleng Macdonald, 8th grade, Louisiana SD

Green Sportsmanship Award:

Louisiana SD

Green All Stars:

Jahaidia Brown-Love, 7th grade, CSD Riverside

Julissa Howle, 8th grade, Illinois SD

Chelsey Scott, 8th grade, Louisiana SD

Marquize Nash, 7th grade, Atlanta Area SD