Number of Participating Schools in the Preliminary Competition: 36

Number of Teams in the Preliminary Competition: 66

National Competition teams (Buff):

CSD Fremont

CSD Riverside

Illinois SD

Indiana SD

Maryland SD

Montgomery County Public Schools

Phoenix Day SD

Texas SD

National Competition teams (Blue):

New Mexico SD

Phoenix Day SD

The Learning Center (Marie Philip School)

Wisconsin SD

National Competition teams (Green):

Atlanta Area SD

CSD Fremont

Oklahoma SD

Phoenix Day SD

Buff National Championship match:

Phoenix Day SD defeated Maryland SD

Buff Sportsmanship Award:

Montgomery County Public Schools

Buff Most Outstanding Player:

Jack Scarboro, 7th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Buff All Stars:

Elijah Andrade, 8th grade, CSD Riverside

Franco Bippus, 8th grade, Indiana SD

Rose Crisman, 8th grade, CSD Fremont

Ian Fraas, 7th grade, Illinois SD

Tyler Glennon, 8th grade, Texas SD

Xavier Herbold, 7th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Emily Nover, 7th grade, Maryland SD

Michael Wilkinson, 7th grade, Montgomery County Public Schools

Blue National Championship match:

Wisconsin SD defeated New Mexico SD

Blue Sportsmanship Award:

Wisconsin SD

Blue Most Outstanding Player:

Katie McClyman, 6th grade, Wisconsin SD

Blue All Stars:

Bruce Brewer Jr., 5th grade, New Mexico SD

Kelty Kober, 8th grade, The Learning Center

Keisha Payne, 8th grade, Wisconsin SD

Natasha Richards-Hamilton, 8th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Green Championship Match:

CSD Fremont defeated Atlanta Area SD

Sportsmanship Award:

Atlanta Area SD

Most Outstanding Player:

Tiffany Kutsov, 7th grade, CSD Fremont

Green All Stars:

Levi Biser, 7th grade, CSD Fremont

Dylan Dickson, 8th grade, Oklahoma SD

Marquize Nash, 8th grade, Atlanta Area SD

Melissa Sanchez, 7th grade, Phoenix Day SD