Number of Schools in the Preliminary Competition: 42

Number of Teams in the Preliminary Competition: 84

Buff National Competition teams:

CSD Fremont

Phoenix Day SD

Wisconsin SD

Illinois SD

Maryland SD

Oklahoma SD

Florida SDB

New Mexico SD

Blue National Competition teams:

CSD Fremont

Sussman Middle School

Marie Philip School

Rochester SD

Green National Competition teams:

Atlanta Area SD

CSD Fremont

Phoenix Day SD

Rhode Island SD

Buff National Championship match:

Phoenix Day SD defeated Maryland SD

Buff Sportsmanship Award:

New Mexico SD

Buff Most Outstanding Player:

Zander Herbold, 8th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Buff All Stars:

Kieran Ercolino, 6th grade, New Mexico SD

Parker Simpson, 7th grade, Oklahoma SD

Xavier Herbold, 8th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Katie McClyman, 7th grade, Wisconsin SD

Reza Mosher, 7th grade, CSD Fremont

Brieara Warren, 8th grade, Florida SDB

Ian Fraas, 8th grade, Illinois SD

Thalia Guettler, 8th grade, Maryland SD

Blue National Championship Match:

CSD Fremont defeated Rochester SD

Blue Sportsmanship Award:

Marie Philip School

Blue Most Outstanding Player:

Nancy Lopez-Rivera, 8th grade, CSD Fremont

Blue All Stars:

Tiffany Kutsov, 8th grade, CSD Fremont

Leah Kaftan, 8th grade, Marie Philip School

Emma Kane, 6th grade, Rochester SD

Gabriella Rocha, 8th grade, Sussman Middle School

Green National Championship match:

Rhode Island SD defeated Georgia SD

Green Sportsmanship Award:

Georgia SD

Green Most Outstanding Player:

Cole Evaristo, Rhode Island SD

Green All Stars:

Mariella Sanchez, 7th grade, CSD Fremont

Kenneth Kennedy, 8th grade, Georgia SD

Melissa Sanchez, 8th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Ellie Lister, 7th grade, Rhode Island SD