Number of Schools in the Preliminary Competition: 45

Number of Teams in the Preliminary Competition: 85

National Competition teams (Buff):

New Mexico SD

Texas SD

Oklahoma SD

Wisconsin SD

CSD Fremont

CSD Riverside

Florida SDB

Western Pennsylvania SD

National Competition teams (Blue):

Phoenix Day SD

Maryland SD

Rhode Island SD

New Mexico SD

National Competition teams (Green):

Smithfield Middle School

Venado Middle School

Phoenix Day SD

Maryland SD

Buff National Championship match:

CSD Fremont defeated Wisconsin SD

Buff Sportsmanship Award:

CSD Riverside

Buff Most Outstanding Player:

Courtney Bronson, 8th grade, CSD Fremont

Buff All Stars:

Tyler Cardoso, 8th grade, CSD Fremont

Enrico Miller, 8th grade, CSD Riverside

Geoffrey Porter, 6th grade, Florida SDB

Bruce Brewer Jr., 7th grade, New Mexico SD

Shealee Junger, 7th grade, Oklahoma SD

Zara Ann Thompson, 8th grade, Texas SD

Katie McClyman, 8th grade, Wisconsin SD

Olivia Larson, 8th grade, Western Pennsylvania SD

Blue National Championship match:

New Mexico SD defeated Phoenix Day SD

Blue Sportsmanship Award:

New Mexico SD

Blue Most Outstanding Player:

Dustin Hand, 7th grade, New Mexico SD

Blue All Stars:

Estelina Kovacs, 8th grade, Maryland SD

Adrien Ercolino, 5th grade, New Mexico SD

Coffey King, 6th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Ellie Lister, 8th grade, Rhode Island SD

Green National Championship match:

Maryland SD defeated Phoenix Day SD

Green Sportsmanship Award:

Smithfield Middle School

Green Most Outstanding Player:

Alina Williamson, 7th grade, Maryland SD

Green All Stars:

Ariella Perepelkin, 7th grade, Maryland SD

Mattea King, 5th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Amy Nguyen, 8th grade, Smithfield Middle School

Galileah Ortiz, 8th grade, Venado Middle School