Number of Schools in the Preliminary Competition: 42

Number of Teams in the Preliminary Competition: 84

National Competition teams (Buff):

Metro Deaf School

Rochester SD

CSD Riverside

Wisconsin SD

Texas SD

Phoenix Day SD

CSD Fremont

Northwest Maryland

National Competition teams (Blue):

Phoenix Day SD

Smithfield MS

CSD Fremont

Venado MS

CSD Riverside

Indiana SD

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

New Mexico SD

Buff National Championship match:

Texas SD defeated CSD Fremont

Buff Sportsmanship Award:

Wisconsin SD

Buff Most Outstanding Player:

Trey Johnson, 8th grade, Texas SD

Buff All Stars:

Tyler Cardoso, 8th grade, CSD Fremont

Daniel Soudakoff, 8th grade, CSD Riverside

Mujahid Zafar, 7th grade, Metro Deaf School

Leslie Njingang, 8th grade, Northwest Maryland

Jacqueline Albert, 8th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Harrison Oliver, 8th grade, Rochester SD

Dashiel Ferguson, 6th grade, Texas SD

Caleb Zapadinsky, 8th grade, Wisconsin SD

Blue National Championship match:

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School defeated New Mexico School for the Deaf

Blue Sportsmanship Award:

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Blue Most Outstanding Player:

Pax Holcomb, 5th grade, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Blue All Stars:

Landen Gonzales, 8th grade, CSD Fremont

Gianna Wheeler, 6th grade, Indiana SD

Adrien Ercolino, 6th grade, New Mexico SD

Tisha Mandahar, 7th grade, Smithfield MS

Ambria Goldstein, 8th grade, CSD Riverside

Coffey King, 7th grade, Kendall Demonstration ES

Alejandra Acosta, 8th grade, Phoenix Day SD

Leah Ortiz, 7th grade, Venado MS

Green National Champions:

Wisconsin School for the Deaf