Number of Schools in the Preliminary Competition: 45

Number of Teams in the Preliminary Competition: 85


2020 BOTB Nationals

National Competition teams (Buff):

CSD Fremont

CSD Riverside

Indiana SD

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (DC)

Marie Philip School (MA)

New Mexico School for the Deaf


Wisconsin School for the Deaf

National Competition teams (Blue):

CSD Fremont

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (DC)

Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf

Nebraska Regional Programs

Rocky Mountain Deaf School (CO)


Venado Middle School (CA)

Wisconsin SD

Buff National Championship match:

Indiana SD defeated Wisconsin SD

Buff Most Outstanding Player:

Michelle Eicher, 8th, Indiana SD

Buff All Stars:

Abbie Barrett, 7th, CSD Riverside

Amber Robarts, 5th, Wisconsin SD

Annie Guo, 8th, TOPS K-8

Adrien Ercolino, 8th, New Mexico SD

Delaney Ringer, 8th, Marie Philip School

Sarah Walton, 8th, Indiana SD

Savannah Brown, 8th, Kendall Demonstration ES

Zoe Bell, 8th, CSD Fremont

Blue National Championship match:

Wisconsin SD defeated TOPS K-8

Blue Most Outstanding Player:

Robert Paul, 6th, Wisconsin SD

Blue All Stars:

Cindy Rodriguez, 8th, Venado MS

Esther Olakunle, 8th, Minnesota State AD

Jonah Jahnke, 8th, Wisconsin SD

Mattea King, 7th, Kendall Demonstration ES

Priyana Chohan, 8th, TOPS K-8

Riley Lordemann, 6th grade, Nebraska Regional Programs

Riordan Ferguson, 6th, Rocky Mountain DS

Sevan Ikeda, 7th grade, CSD Fremont

Green National Champions:

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Green Most Outstanding Player:

Akina Watson, 8th, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School