1. What is the National Literary Competition (NLC)?

The National Literary Competition is an ASL and Writing competition for deaf and hard of hearing students in the United States and Canada.

2. When and why was the NLC established?

The NLC was established in 2016 after a 6 year hiatus when it was formerly known as the Gallaudet National Essay, Art, and ASL competition. Gallaudet's Youth Programs and Phi Kappa Zeta are working together to put on this competition to further the development of ASL and English; promote creativity and originality in the use of ASL and English; and to foster a sense of pride in ASL among deaf and hard of hearing students.

3. What is the format of the competition?

Submissions and registration is done entirely online. The link to register/submit for the NLC competition can be found on the NLC front page. Students compete as individuals and there are no teams in this competition.

4. What are the categories in the ASL and Writing competitions?

For ASL, we have three categories: ASL Poetry, Storytelling, and Presentation. For Writing, we also have three categories: Poetry, Creative Writing, and Essay. More information can be found in the downloadable Rules and Guidelines manual.

5. Can I participate in both the ASL and Writing competitions?


6. Can I submit more than one entry in the ASL and Writing competitions?

You can submit one entry in each genre of each category. For example, you can submit an entry for ASL Poetry, Storytelling, and an entry in the Creative Writing genre.

7. Who can participate in the NLC?

For the ASL category, students in the 2nd through 12th grades can participate. For the Writing category, students in the 6th through 12th grades can participate.

8. Can I register as an individual? Or do I have to register through a school/program?

You can register as an individual with your parents' help OR you can register with the assistance of a teacher/ASL specialist at your school.

9. Do I need to pay any registration fees for the NLC?

No! There are no expenses for participants.

10. What is the timeline for the NLC?

Check out the timeline in the NLC Resources Center.

11. Where can I find more information on the rules and guidelines for the NLC?

See the Rules and Guidelines manual in the NLC Resources Center.

12. Who do I contact for more information?

You can e-mail us at youthprograms@gallaudet.edu.