Entertainment 1st-Donovan Holmes 2nd place-Clark Barrett 3rd place-Coffey King 4th place- Surabhi Gangadkar 
Geography 1st- Clark Barrett 2nd- Donovan Holmes 3rd- Levi Wood 4th- Chang-May Tan
Science and Technology 1st- Donovan Holmes 2nd place- Clark Barrett 3rd- Macallistair Baksik 4th- Troy Holcomb
Mathematics 1st- Frederick Scott 2nd- Kieran Vollmar 3rd- Courtney Bronson 4th- Clark Barrett
Language and Literature 1st- Donovan Holmes 2nd- Naomi Brock 3rd- Clark Barrett 4th- Chang-May Tan
U.S. Government & 2020 Election 1st- Chang-May Tan 2nd- Clark Barrett 3rd- Donovan Holmes 4th- Geoffrey Porter
Sports 1st- Kyle Florio 2nd- Coffey King 3rd- Donovan Holmes 4th- Geoffrey Porter