Shared Governance: Crisis Leadership Team

Updated June 2016


Charged with preparation for and management of various levels of crises. The main functions of the Crisis Leadership Team are:

  • Assessment/Mitigation - Project what might occur, vulnerability assessment, elimination or reduction of the probability of a crisis.
  • Preparation - Develop a response plan to different potential crises.
  • Response - Respond to emergencies and direct emergency resources, plan activation.
  • Recovery and evaluation - Return of conditions to normal or improved levels; assure community well-being; recovery of vital functions; debrief and provide for the evaluation and improvement of the crisis process; reduction of risk of crisis recurrence.


This Committee has the following authority:

The Crisis Leadership Team structure deviates from the normal lines of authority, and the team is empowered to act decisively on behalf of the institution. These procedures apply to all personnel, buildings, and grounds owned and operated by the University.

The President has the executive authority to execute all portions of this plan. The Provost chairs the team with authority to give direction to the team and make final decisions. Collegiality, collaboration, and consensus are important elements of positive group interaction and communication, but these elements must be balanced with the need to be timely and decisive.

Some campus groups have authority to manage a crisis as it happens until the Crisis Leadership Team takes over. The groups with authority to handle crises initially during an emergency are:

  • Department of Public Safety
  • Campus Life University) and Student Life (Clerc Center)
  • Facilities Maintenance and Operations


NameTitle / RoleGroup Represented
Gary Aller Executive Director, Business and Support Services Administration and Finance
Theodore Baran CLT Vice-Chair/Director of Public Safety Director Public Safety
Cary Barbin Dir. Clerc Ctr Operations Clerc Center
A. Dwight Benedict CLT Chair/Dean Student Affairs and Academic Support Dean of Student Affairs & Acad. Support
Amon Brown Director Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations Facilities
Yoshiko Chino Executive Director, Gallaudet Interpreting Services Gallaudet Interpreting Services
Bobbi Cordano President University
Carol Erting Provost Academic Affairs
Timothy Frelich Manager, Business Svcs & Enrollment Office of Exec. Dir. Clerc Ctr.
Susan Hanrahan Director, Residence Life and Housing Residence Life and Housing
Mary Hufnell Assistant Prof./ Faculty Representative Counseling Graduate Program
Travis Imel Assistant Dean, Student Affairs and Academic Support Student Affairs and Academic Support
Paul Julin Vice-President, Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement
Mary Keane Dir., Campus Activities and Commuter Programs Gallaudet Staff Council Representative
Paul Kelly Vice President, Administration and Finance Vice President of Admin and Finance
Jennifer Little Coordinator of Special Projects, Student Affairs And Academic Support Student Affairs and Academic Support
Earl Parks Executive Director, Gallaudet Technology Services Gallaudet Technology Services
Rosalyn Prickett Manager, Institutional Compliance, Clerc Center Clerc Center
Lauri Rush Director, Counseling and Psychological Services Counseling & Psychological Service
Pam Rypkema Manager, Risk Management and Insurance Risk Management/Insurance
Ronald Stern Vice-President Clerc Center Clerc Center
Nicole Sutliffe Executive Director, Clerc Center Clerc Center
Fred Weiner Assistant Vice-President, Administration Administration and Finance
Michael Weinstock Director, Athletics and Intramurals Athletics