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March, 2018

Gallaudet adopts new research priorities

March 01, 2018

The new priorities represent a framework for the research efforts of the University and the Clerc Center. Strategy E.1.1 of Gallaudet University's preceding five-year Strategic Plan called for no more than five integrated research priorities, formulated by assessing compelling needs as well as current and potential strengths in fields such as visual language and learning, linguistic and communication access, genetics, and ASL/English bilingualism.

Expo 2018 to Focus on Research Across Disciplines

March 05, 2018

Gallaudet Research Expo 2018 (RExpo 2018) will unite researchers and scholars, raise awareness of the many research studies underway at Gallaudet, and foster interdisciplinary research projects. Students, faculty, and staff from a variety of disciplines will have the opportunity to share ideas and showcase their scholarly pursuits and achievements.

The Crane Family: Being the Change They Want to See in the World

March 14, 2018

Where many see obstacles, Gallaudet University Board of Trustees member Jameson "Jay" Crane, Jr., and his wife, Meredith, see opportunities. Long before the Cranes became connected to Gallaudet, they were like most parents of deaf children as they had no connections to the deaf community.

Deaf Difference + Space Survival

March 16, 2018

In the late 1950s, the United States responded to the Soviet launch of Sputnik by investing in space science. NASA, newly formed, collaborated with the Navy to study the effects of motion, gravitational pull, and weightlessness onthe human body. This research, critical to understanding how astronauts would function in space and if sickness mighthinder future missions and endanger crews, needed people immune to motion sickness for tests of physical andcognitive function in settings intolerable to most. Individuals who became deaf from spinal meningitis, an infection that can impact the physiology of the inner ear, proved to be ideal candidates as they did not become sick from motion.

Gallaudet Athletic Director Search Committee announced

March 16, 2018

The Gallaudet University athletics department is pleased to announce the formation of the Athletic Director Search Committee.