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Winter 2003 (vol. 4, iss. 2)


Download the complete issue (4.92 mb)

In this issue:

  • A Letter From the Dean (163 kb)


  • Hard of Hearing Children: Still Overlooked (653 Kb)
    By Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans, Donna M. Mertens, And Marilyn A. Sass-Lehrer
  • Navigating the Hearing Classroom with a Hearing Loss: Survival, Stress & Dialogue (392 Kb)
    By Kathy Vesey and Beth Wilson
  • Don't Ignore the Hearing of Hard of Hearing Students (417 Kb)
    By Mark Ross
  • Mild? No Matter! In Class, Hard of Hearing Students Face Misunderstanding (411 Kb)
    By Kym Meyer
  • Resources for Families and Educators of Hard of Hearing Children (286 Kb)
    By Kym Meyer
  • A Menu of Options for Hard of Hearing People (399 Kb)
    By Nini Silver
  • View from the Seventh Grade (220 Kb)
    By Stephanie Foote
  • A Dual Identity Critical For Students (628 Kb)
    By Donald A. Grushkin

Perspectives around the country

  • "Theory of Mind": Here's How (339 kb)
    By Jean E. Lundy

News (610 kb)
includes stories on the following:

  • MSSD Alumna Becomes a "Survivor" Star by Susan M. Flanigan
  • DecisionMaker-A Revolutionary Transition Program Now Available! by Mary Ellen Carew
  • Recommended for Accreditation, KDES and MSSD Look to the Future by Susan Jacoby
  • Wright and Teruel-Teachers and Beauty Queens
  • KidsWorld Deaf Net Adds E-Document About Cochlear Implants by Jennifer Hinger

Q & A (249 kb)

  • Clearinghouses: Collaborative Work Aids Public
  • Info (with Heart) to Go

Reviews (325 kb)
includes the following:

  • Cochlear Implants and Deaf Children
  • Texts Can Help Parents Make Difficult Choices
    By Matthew H. Bakke
  • Perspective on Raising a Hard of Hearing Child
    By Donald A. Grushkin


  • Training Opportunities (188 Kb)
  • Calendar (152 kb)

A misleading statement appeared in Odyssey's Winter 2003 review, Cochlear Implants in Children: Ethics and Choices, by John B. Christiansen and Irene W. Leigh. The reviewer and the editor would like to clarify that while only one author has a cochlear implant, the other author is also deaf and both authors provided "an 'inside view' of the impact of the cochlear implant on the deaf community."