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Odyssey - New Directions in Deaf Education

The Odyssey Magazine, a product of the Clerc Center also known as the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center located on Gallaudet University campus in Washington, D.C., is an award winning magazine that is published once a year through the Clerc Center and focuses on topics of importance as it relates to research, philosophy and application of practice of instruction in the Deaf Education classroom.

Below are articles that are available electronically in PDF formats. We have them available as an whole magazine as well as individual articles that may meet the individual's need or preference digitally (below) as well as in print. We print 25,000. Copies of the magazine for distribution annually and is distributed free of charge if you are already on our mailing list.

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We encourage researchers, educators, educational staff as well as administrators to submit articles on assigned area of interest on the chosen topic of consideration for that year for purpose of opening up dialogue and discussions on issues and practices that is seen in classrooms and educational programs all over the country. The goal is to ensure that the practicing professionals in Deaf Education have opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and evolving ideals of what should be happening in the class room, whether these programs are mainstreaming or residential in nature.

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