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Web Resources

This list includes a selection of the resources that the Cochlear Implant Education Center has found useful when working with students and families in our demonstration schools. This does not represent a complete list of the many resources that may be available. The absence of a resource on this list does not indicate that we do not support it; it may never have come our way. We are always in the process of trying out new things.

The Listen-Up Web


The Listen-Up Web is an excellent web site with extensive links to other sites about cochlear implants.

Sound and Fury Web site

Sound and Fury

This is a Web site surrounding a documentary on cochlear implants called Sound and Fury. This film addresses the decision and struggle of two branches of a family as they decide whether or not to implant their children. This site includes discussion of the debate surrounding implantation of young children and the Deaf cultural perspective on cochlear implants. Lesson plans are provided to teach middle and high school students about hearing, cochlear implants, and communication. Links are provided to a variety of resources on cochlear implants, Deaf culture, and sign language.

Navigating a Forest of Information: One Tree At a Time.

Navigating a Forest of Information

This E- document is designed to assist parents and educators in navigating the extensive maze of information available on cochlear implants. The site is divided into modules on specific topics related to cochlear implants. It provides information within each topic and directs the reader to additional resources. This site is easy to navigate and provides information on topics often not covered via other websites (education, communication, role of sign language, and the Deaf community). The site is available in Spanish.

Children with Cochlear Implants Who Sign: Guidelines for Transitioning to Oral Education or a Mainstream Setting

Guidelines for Transitioning

This E-document contains guidelines that were developed from round table discussions among audiologists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, and teachers of the deaf who were convened by the Boston Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and the Cochlear Implant Center of Children's Hospital of Boston, MA . These guidelines are intended to facilitate discussion and decisions by families and professionals regarding appropriate educational settings for children with cochlear implants. It provides checklists for two age groups: young children under 5 years of age and students 5 years of age and older to evaluate competencies for transition from manual to oral instruction.

A Website For Teenagers

Cochlear Implants for Teens

This interactive and fun website is designed for teenagers. It offers teen testimonials as well as useful information on hearing loss and cochlear implants.

Web sites that simulate listening through a cochlear implant:

Simulation from UT-Dallas
Simulation from UC-Irvine
Simulation from PBS

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website on cochlear implants

FDA website on cochlear implants

The FDA regulates manufactures of cochlear implants. The purpose of this website is to describe cochlear implants, link to FDA approved implants, tell the benefits and risks of cochlear implants, and provide news about cochlear implant recalls and safety issues. There is also information on what educators of implant users need to know, what happens before, during, and after surgery, and where to report problems.


CI Hear

CI Hear began as an internet listserv created to support anyone interested in cochlear implants. The website still provides a listserv but also offers links to CI Stories, Bilateral CI information, Medical Information, Implant Manufacturers, Auditory Therapy, Resources, Support, and Surgery.

Starfall: http://starfall.com/

Well designed, fun and easy to use activities to stimulate literacy development. Designed for students to use independently or with the adult assistance. Good for auditory training.

ADA and Cochlear Implants

ADA and cochlear implants

This website provides individuals with a free resource for questions about third party health insurance reimbursement for cochlear implants and related services. It is a privately-owned site and the owners receive no compensations from manufacturers or providers.

Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Interface Systems  

Company that manufactures cochlear implant accessories (custom cables, telephone adapters, microphone systems, stethoscopes, and FM interface). To order contact: Robert Mendoza, 4404 Hollingsworth Ct. , Rohnert, California 94928 ; phone: 707-585-0609

E-mail: robm_94928@yahoo.com

Web: http://www.cihais.com

Help Kids Hear.org  

Help kids hear

This website was founded by Tony & Alisa Hake, the parents of two hard of hearing children. It is designed to help parents of hard of hearing and deaf children by providing users with the latest news, commentary, and resources. There is also a discussion forum where parents can read and post questions about hearing loss across a wide variety of categories. The section on cochlear implants provides information on how a cochlear implant works, getting a cochlear implants, and links.

The ASL-Cochlear Implant Community

ASL-CI community

This community is a place where people can share stories, ask questions, and learn more about different issues related with cochlear implants, sign language, and the Deaf community. For information about CI Children of Deaf Parents (CICDA), contact coordinators Rita Owens nkowens2002@yahoo.com and Julie Wojnar hemstreetj@aol.com.

Equal Voices for Deaf Children (EVDC)


EVDC is a not-for-profit website developed as a resource to families who do not have ready access to auditory and speech habilitation specialists. The goal of this website is to provide families with a framework and tools to facilitate spoken language and communication development. This well developed, user friendly website includes a Parent Guide Program, A Lessons section for families to use with their child, as well as a Forum and Blog section for families to share their experiences. This website was developed by Pratibha Srinivasan, who has a doctorate in audiology and is a certified auditory-verbal therapist and a teacher of deaf students.