1.0 Introduction to the Guidelines

1.1   The following Guidelines were recommended by the Faculty Welfare Committee and approved by the University Faculty, the Administration, and the Board of Trustees. They shall apply to all Faculty and Departments of Instruction for which the University Faculty has responsibility. In the spirit of shared governance, the University Faculty and the Administration shall work collaboratively to improve these Guidelines as needed. 

1.2   Amendments to the Guidelines may be proposed by the Senate, the Administration, any faculty committee, or individual faculty members. In all cases, the proposed language shall be referred to the Faculty Welfare Committee for study and disposition. The Faculty Welfare Committee shall consult with all interested parties, including the Administration, and shall attempt to obtain broad based support. If a recommendation for an amendment is forthcoming, the University Faculty Chair shall, seven calendar days in advance of a regular or special Senate meeting, inform the Faculty of the Faculty Welfare Committee's proposed amendment to the Faculty Guidelines. Interested parties from the Faculty or the Administration may speak to the amendment at that meeting. 

1.3    A simple majority (50% plus one) vote of the UF Senators present and voting is required for approval of the amendment. 

1.4    Upon approval, the University Faculty Chair will publish the action by the Senate on the proposed amendment and will inform the Faculty of a 10-class-day grace period. This grace period provides an opportunity for faculty members who disagree with the Senatorial action to submit a petition to the University Faculty Chair for a referendum by the general faculty on the proposed amendment(s). Upon receipt of such a petition by ten percent (10%) of the voting faculty, the Chair must call a faculty meeting within 30 days to consider and vote on the recommended amendment. A majority (50% plus one) of the faculty present and voting is required to approve the amendment. 

1.5   If there is no petition within the period of ten class days of the regular academic year or if the amendment is approved by the general faculty, then the amendment will be presented to the administration for presentation to the Board of Trustees for approval. 

1.6   The Faculty Guidelines policies approved during an academic year shall apply to all faculty the next academic year unless otherwise indicated in the approved policy.