Honors Option Contracts

Students talking with a professor in a small classroom

Honors Option Contracts allow students to enroll in and receive Honors credit for any course in the University, except for courses already designated Honors sections.  Students may complete an Honors contract in lieu of enrolling in any Honors-designated sections.  This allows students great flexibility to pursue and develop their own individual academic interests.  In order to develop an Honors Contract, students select a faculty member to work with and develop an agreement with him/her about alternative work that the student may complete to receive Honors credit for the course.

When students and faculty agree on a contract, they will agree on what work will be to receive Honors credit, the schedule of individual meetings with the instructor, and some way for the student to use his/her work to benefit the class or a community.  These contracts are excellent preparation for graduate or professional programs because they provide students with an opportunity to interact with professors in a professional setting.  These contracts also foster independent learning and discipline, by expecting the student to take charge of directing the alternative work with regular feedback from professors.  This type of preparation is immensely important for Capstone work and personalized professional development.

Students have completed a variety of Honors Contracts in the past.  In some contracts, students read and develop an extensive annotated bibliography in preparation for their Capstone.  Other contracts may be more exploratory such as doing more sophisticated lab work for a chemistry or physics class, writing a short story or play for a literature or drama class, or translating a cookbook for a foreign language class, and so forth.

The Honors Program at Gallaudet is a leader in developing a comprehensive system of developing and overseeing the Honors Contracts to ensure student satisfaction and quality education.

For more details, please see the link to our contract guidelines below:

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